What we do

We place accurate location data at the centre of everything we do

effective mobile marketing platform customer insights and powerful targeting options

Precision mobile marketing

location data sets to enrich your current media and advertising

Powerful data solutions

smart location enabled mobile apps engage users and generate increase audience revenue

Mobile app innovation

Accurate data, for all

Tamoco is making accurate data accessible for all. Our global network provides businesses, organisations, brands, developers access to the leading source of precise, real-time data. We're enabling businesses to build better products, understand audiences and make better business decisions by using powerful mobile device data.

Tamoco is providing, first-party location data at scale. Thousands of developers, publishers, advertisers and businesses use Tamoco's accurate location data to fuel their business and operations.

Tamoco's global proximity network provides accurate location data at scale thanks to its global aggregation of location sensors and technology agnostic approach. At its core, Tamoco provides an unmatched ability to source high quality, first-party, real-time data.

This is unrivalled in accuracy and scale. Tamoco's mobile SDK ensures that data is real-time and first-party. Out network of sensors ensures that we can understand location across the globe with authority. The Tamoco API allows seamless, real-time integrations.

The evolution of mobile location

Accurately connecting the online and offline worlds


The evolution of mobile marketing, proximity and location

The Team

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Daniel Angel - Chief commercial officer

Daniel is talented in strategic digital business development, and boasts extensive experience in on-line products and general management. Before joining the team at Tamoco, Daniel lead the mobile payments team at EE and helped to launch the UK’s first mobile contactless payment service in partnership with Barclaycard. 

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Rune Bromer - Chief executive officer

Rune graduated with a Bachelors degree in maths and computer science. He continued to study computer science at Masters level before working as a software developer at TBWA/Play. He became a partner at BitBucket where he honed his skills in business development to help take the company to new levels, before it was sold to Atlassian in 2010. 

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Sam Amrani - founder & exec chairman

Prior to founding Tamoco, Sam worked for six years at EE, where he worked within various roles, including the business development team. This was responsible for bringing the first contactless mobile payments service and contactless mobile ticketing service to the UK. Sam also lead the development for non-payment related mobile NFC products and mobile data.

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