Check out our mobile app monetisation guide

Check out our mobile app monetisation guide

There's a huge potential for mobile app publishers to generate revenue from their app audiences. Few have tapped into the full value of their app audience.

We've put together a handy guide to mobile audience monetisation. Inside, you'll learn a few things about location data and how you can monetise it in your app. Fine tune your app monetisation strategy by downloading the guide.

In the guide:

People are spending more time in apps

It's true - we all have more apps on our phones than we used to. Find out how this is disproportionate to CPMs and app revenue.

How to monetise your app effectively

We look at the Tamoco proximity SDK and how it can be used to monetise your audience. We also look at what drives valuable data.

Security, transparency and data privacy

Is this legal? How do I ensure my users are protected?