How retail brands are boosting customer survey success

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Customer feedback is integral to brands which operate in retail environments. Understanding the experience of those who visit your store is a crucial part of creating an effective retail strategy.

Surveys have been utilised in this space in order to draw conclusions on the best approach for brands to take. A typical method to ensure that feedback is relevant to customers of a particular retail brand is to promote surveys to customers as they are inside the store.

Many customers are unwilling to complete these in-store surveys as they can be too embarrassed or feel uncomfortable. Creating a digital feedback channel offers an alternative solution and our campaign feedbacks suggests that this should be top of all retail brand’s to-do list as they aim to make the feedback process timely and relevant.

The main benefits of this proximity solution lie in the fact that users can be targeted with notifications based on where they are in relation to the store – ensuring that the customer survey is sent to the most relevant people. The customer can then complete the survey easily on their mobile device.

A great example of this can be seen by looking at the way in which Kantar have adopted these new solutions in their recent campaign activity in London and Paris. By using geofences based around the Magnum pop-up stores they were able to listen to customer’s devices when they walked into the store. Notifications were then sent to these devices, offering customers the chance to complete an online survey in return for amazon vouchers.

By making the notification relevant to users in the store, Kantar were able to generate extremely high survey completion rates. In fact, 87% percent of customers who were directed to the survey ended up completing it. That’s an unprecedented conversion rate for customer surveys.

Kantar have created an effective feedback channel and it can be implemented quickly and scaled easily. It offers the benefits of being able to manage the campaign in real time. Using a proximity network allows for incredible data insights into campaign activity and audience insights. For brands in retail environments, this real-time feedback can inform strategy and ensure that marketing budgets are spent as effectively as possible.

During the campaign the reward for users who completed the survey were changed. Users still completed the surveys at the same rate if the reward was significantly less, suggesting that the main driving force behind the high completion rate was the fact that the information was communicated to consumers in a relevant and convenient manner. This is a fundamental idea that underpins the nature of all proximity campaigns. It’s what we believe allows for our campaigns to generate fantastic click through rates and interaction levels that are rarely seen through other marketing channels.

In the case of customer surveys, being able to target consumers when a store visit is fresh in the mind is more effective. Using the Tamoco network is an effective way to deliver this, and to gain insights into the effectiveness of the customer survey. Data can be produced which can shed light on the best time to deliver the survey to customers. Brands can also deduce the top performing days of the week and use this information to inform future campaigns.

This means a competitive advantage – brands can understand their customers better and interpret the data surrounding the footfall in their stores.

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