Improving brand awareness with coffee and phone charging

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People hate it when they are running low on battery. It’s true for so many people if you’re on your way to work and have forgotten to charge your phone last night. Or perhaps it’s been a particularly heavy morning on WhatsApp, and you’re already on twenty percent by lunch.

Brands and retailers have tried to tap into these frustrations for a while now – EE famously offered the charging bar to their customers in order to charge their phones on the go. This was great – until they recalled them as they set on fire. They also made them available for mostly everyone who had ever been on EE. Now that’s a lot of charging bars.

Many shopping centres have huge, locker-rooms of phone charging portals, but the problem with these is that they are expensive and nobody really trusts leaving their phone in these tin-can charging areas – I’ve seen the people waiting nervously whilst their beloved phone is inside getting a power boost.

Why am I talking about phone charging? Good question – Tamoco doesn’t offer a phone charging service, don’t worry. What we do offer is a way in which brands can use their retail spaces to offer customers loyalty rewards, such as free coffee and phone charging access, in an effective and relevant way.

We have just finished a campaign with Telia in Norway where they offered a loyalty service to customers which allowed them to come in for a coffee and charge their phone. I know what you’re thinking – that’s a lot of coffee and power, how did they manage this?

The answer and this is where Tamoco comes in, is proximity technology. One of the main difficulties with loyalty schemes is how to find the right balance between rewarding customers with something worthwhile and rewarding only the relevant customers. For example, it can be pretty unproductive to give away free coffee to everyone who walks past your café. It can raise brand awareness, but the reality is that a lot of those people who grab a free coffee won’t come back.

Telia wanted to achieve two things – to drive footfall into their stores, and to raise awareness of their services. Our solution to this problem was proximity. This means understanding your audiences and communicating to them with relevant and engaging content.

To drive footfall Telia offered a free charging service to their customers – they could charge their phone and whilst they waited would be exposed to the services and products in the store. In most cases they were even offered a coffee whilst they waited.

The smart part is how Telia communicated this offer to their customers. Using the Tamoco network they were able to gain insights into their app audience. They could see when a Telia user walked nearby their store, but they could also see when a user was close but also had less than 35% battery. These were the users that they targeted with push notifications. They reached a conversion rate of 11.5%, but this was a percentage of an audience that was highly relevant.

Proximity marketing campaigns can be highly tailored in many different ways to suit a brand’s specific needs. Telia managed to raise awareness of their brand and offers but they also increased the app experience for their customers and increased app downloads.

By developing this digital channel, they now have an increased the number of app users with over 40,000 downloads during this campaign. And they have specific ways of targeting these people, for example, the potential to target their customers with upgrade information when they are reaching the end of their contracts. They have also developed a method of understanding footfall around their stores and how they can affect this.

Loyalty offers can be a productive way to engage with audiences. Utilising proximity technology can really help brands to get ahead of the competition and deliver an engaging experience to their users.

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