Improve engagement and drive downloads.

If you're looking to generate new users or create an app that your audience loves, then the Tamoco proximity SDK is for you.



Send relevant push notifications

IDeliver relevant push notifications and increase the value users get from your app. Send notifications when a user is in a specific location. For example - sending a push notification when the user is near to a related product or in app activity. Send info on events that are nearby. Contextual notifications create value and the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Allow 3rd party brands to push to your app users.

If you have a shopping app or similar then proximity is for you. Add value for your users by allowing 3rd party brands to reach your audience. These are always relevant to the people who use your app. Create a great experience and drive new users. Send these notifications based on location. For example, notify a user with your app with an offer for a product that's close-by. Get paid for these 3rd party campaigns and generate new revenue streams.



Use proximity tech to drive downloads.

Utilise apps on our proximity network to create campaigns that generate new users. Send notifications when users are in relevant locations. Use these notifications to encourage app downloads. Got a taxi app? Send notifications to audiences to download your app as they exit a train station, or airport. This style of campaign can work for most app categories.

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