Monetize your app with Tamoco.

Generate more revenue from your mobile app.

Have you thought about your app monetization strategy? You've created that brilliant app, now it's time to get some income from your audience. For publishers and developers it's important to get the best possible revenue from your mobile app.

The Tamoco SDK is one of the most effective methods to generate extra revenue as an app owner. Becoming a Tamoco app partner creates a whole wealth of benefits.

Most importantly this includes new revenue. We help apps to drive their CPM and get paid for the popularity of their app. Your app can be much more than a tool - it can become a huge source of additional income.

As well as generating revenue you'll gain an understanding of where your app audiences is and how they behave. It's available for both Android and IOS apps.

We don't hit your users with annoying ads. It won't affect the user experience, so you don't have to worry about losing your carefully nurtured app audience. Our SDK runs in the background and barely affects battery use. This means that you can be rid of annoying mobile adverts that clog up your app's interface.


How we drive CPM and increase revenue for apps

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We have developed methods of understanding context around the sensors on our network. This means we can confidently say that your app user has been in a specific venue and we can provide further information around this venue. We provide the vital link between location and context.


The sensors on our network are incredibly accurate. This means that when the app SDK listens for these sensors and gets a hit, we can understand exactly where the device is with an accuracy up to 1m. Other app audience monetization methods simply cannot promise this level of precision.


Due to our network approach, we have successfully scaled our sensor coverage to billions of locations across the globe. This provides value to our data customers and ensures that your audience is fully monetized. We can attribute users in more locations, this means more value from your app.

See how we can help you monetize your app.

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