The Tamoco proximity SDK 

Our SDK brings the leading location technology to your mobile app.

By integrating you'll be able to utilise proximity to monetise your audience and improve the value that your app creates for your users. It's super lightweight and it's completely free. The best part - it doesn't affect the user experience of your app. 

We help you with integration every step of the way. We understand that it’s not always a speedy process for developers to implement an SDK. There’s considerations to take and it would simply be a lie to say that these don’t exist. First we need to get the SDK into the app. Then we need to check that it doesn’t affect any of the apps functions - not normally the case!

Then we test. It’s important that we can prove to you that battery life isn’t affected by the presence of the SDK. Some others do. Then there’s pushing to the app store. This involves providing the right documentation to ensure there’s no delays. 

Our team will assist you with all of this points. Ensuring a simple and stress free integration journey. Once the SDK is installed you can begin to create new revenue streams.

IOS and android

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The SDK supports both mobile operating systems.

Billions of events

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Our network processes billions of events each month.

Already integrated

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We are integrated with multiplemobile developers.

Find out how the proximity SDK can help your app

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