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The Tamoco proximity network has grown to the largest of its kind in the world.


The mobile location company announced that it's proximity network has grown to over 1 billion sensors globally and its user base has reached 100 million users. The network is the largest and most transparent of its kind in the world, placing security and control into the hands of the end user.


Accurate and secure data, at scale

Tamoco's proximity network is now the largest of it's kind in the world. The company specialises in high quality, first-party mobile location data. Tamoco's sources accurate mobile device data through its network of highly precise location sensors. The company has grown this network significantly since the network was launched in 2014.

Along with this, Tamoco has increased its commitments to data privacy and transparency. By placing more emphasis on the user and giving the end user control over their data, Tamoco is creating the most transparent location data source in the world. 

The technology uses known sensor location to determine floor level and exact indoor location, making data attained through the network more actionable and precise than traditional data sets. 


100 million secure users, 1 billion sensors

Traditionally operating in the martech space, Tamoco's accurate location data is now used across a number of different verticals, from finance to transport. The growth in the network size has led to location intelligent solutions across a large number of different industries looking to gain a better understand of the offline world. 

Tamoco's network has now reached 1 billion sensors globally. Over 300 million in the US and over 70 million in the UK. The Tamoco audience has now reached 100 million globally with users now in over 100 countries. With greater transparency around opt-in processes, Tamoco is hoping to lead the conversation on data privacy and security.

Tamoco has invested in driving the growth of its network by partnering with sensor networks and Wi-Fi networks, as well as mobile apps. The significant growth comes as accurate location data is in high demand, across a number of different verticals.

Tamoco's CCO, Daniel Angel, suggests that the network growth will provide value across a number of different industries.

"Increasingly we are seeing that the precise location data sourced from the Tamoco network has far reaching uses. The Tamoco proximity network was initially adopted by the ad tech and marketing sectors, with many successful use cases delivering relevant content in the moment as they shop or commute. However, as our network grows and the market starts to mature, new customers such as the transport and finance industries appear, looking for high volumes of accurate, real-time location data to connect the online and offline."

About Tamoco

Tamoco is making accurate and secure data accessible for all. Our global network provides businesses, organisations, brands, developers access to the leading source of precise, real-time data. We're enabling businesses to build better products, understand audiences and make better business decisions by using powerful mobile device data.

Tamoco is placing privacy and security at the heart of its operations. By increasing transparency around data collection and the opt-in process, Tamoco is leading the way in data privacy.

Tamoco is providing, first-party location data at scale. Tamoco is the leader in sourcing location data using it's known location methodology. This allows for greater accuracy in datasets - such as vertical precision and accurate, indoor location. 

Thousands of developers, publishers, advertisers and businesses use Tamoco's accurate location data to fuel their business and operations.

Tamoco's global proximity network provides accurate location data at scale thanks to its global aggregation of location sensors and technology agnostic approach. At its core, Tamoco provides an unmatched ability to source high quality, first-party, real-time data.

This is unrivalled in accuracy and scale. Tamoco's mobile SDK ensures that data is real-time and first-party. Out network of sensors ensures that we can understand location across the globe with authority. The Tamoco API allows seamless, real-time integrations.


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