The mobile first consent management platform for privacy, opt-ins and transparency

Don't let privacy laws mean the end for your app. The privacy toolkit places your users in control of their data, and puts you in control of your app permissions.

Manage consent the right way

Obtain consent with the right message in the right moment. The privacy toolkit helps developers obtain and manage consent the right way.

Sync app user consent across devices

Never lose track of your users preferences and opt-out requests. Take the hassle out of managing your users consent with our toolkit.

User opt-in deserves a secure audit trail

Every interaction across your entire estate saved for audit purposes. Prove privacy compliance with ease. Don't get caught out by privacy legislation such as GDPR and CCPA

API to manage consent your way

Integrate user opt-in, modify permission and call or check consent status via our powerful API. Use the power of the privacy toolkit your way.

Take control today

Tamoco's privacy SDK is designed to help developers comply with privacy legislation and protect user privacy.

Respect every app user's right to be forgotten

receive a request for data deletion in one location and instantly sync these preferences across your entire infrastructure.

Keeps user data private and encrypted

Put your users in control of their personal data with secure selection of individual opt-in preferences.

Fully customisable dialogue

Ask for consent at the right moment. Keep your dialogue on brand with your app design and experience.

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