Proximity solution providers

The location data industry is booming - your strategic partnerships could generate new revenue for your business.

By integrating with the Tamoco network you can generate extra income for you business, allowing you to focus on providing the best possible campaigns for your customers. We generate the best possible CPM for your business. 

Becoming a Tamoco network partner will give you the benefits of high quality location and monetisation to your depth of services.

Place yourself at the forefront of the proximity industry by capitalising on the size and scale of our proximity network. Generate new income whilst benefiting from the benefits of joining the world’s largest proximity network.

proximity service providers monetize income

Simple to integrate

We support multiple kinds of data integrations. From a daily feed to real-time. 

proximity marketing push notification data reselling apps

Real-time data reselling

Monetise your partner's data and take a cut of the revenue. 

partnership proximity monetize income generation network

Monetize proximity

Capitalise from the demand for proximity location data. Our network helps you generate revenue fast.

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