Allowing networks and venues to get the most from their inventory

Providing location accuracy and connecting the online to the offline

Network insights wifi data around hotspots or sensors beacons augmented reality light sensors NFC tags


Gain a better understanding of your sensors. Use the Tamoco network for rich insights around every interaction that goes though your network of connected sensors. 

generate revenue from your sensor network. monetize your beacons, wi-fi hotspots, networks


Gain incremental revenue with every interaction that goes through your network. Generate income by allowing your physical IoT sensors to facilitate mobile marketing activity. 

communicate and advertise to your network users and get paid in the process


Communicate effectively with network users in the right time and in the best location with Tamoco's highly revelevant message targeting.

connect the online and online words understand your real world venue in the context of your network inventory

Connect physical and digital networks

Connect your physical venue to your network. Bridge the gap between your online network and your offline venue. 

Sensor types

The Tamoco network supports multiple sensor and network types

Bluetooth beacons eddystone iBeacon nfc tags augmented reality light and sound sensors


Wi-Fi networks

NFC tags

AR sensors

Light and sound

Custom sensors

A powerful platform for networks

marketing platform for brands to target based on location

The Tamoco mobile platforms allows network owners to simply manage, understand and monetize thier sensor netowrks.


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