Addressable object

An object that can be addressed, typically for the purpose of identification or communication.

AdID – ADvertising IDentifier

AdID is an advertising identifier that is used to track a user’s online behavior in order to show them targeted ads.

Administrative area

A region with defined boundaries, typically for the purpose of government administration.

Administrative unit

A subdivision of an administrative area, typically for the purpose of government administration.


The process of combining data from multiple sources into a single dataset.


The three-dimensional space above and around a location, typically defined by altitude.


The vertical distance of a point above or below a reference point, typically sea level.

Amazon S3 Bucket

Amazon S3 buckets are used to store and serve files for websites hosted on Amazon’s servers.


The quantity of two-dimensional space enclosed within a set of boundaries.

Area of interest

A specific area that is being studied or considered.