App Monetization Heaven – What Is It And How Do I Get There?

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Here’s the best app monetization strategy that you’ve never tried.

We’re always amazed at how many app developers are unaware of some of the different monetization strategies out there. There’s a huge drive towards in-app ads and little alternative is presented to developers when they begin on their app journey. They are missing out on huge amounts of app revenue.

What I’m saying is – you could say goodbye to the wave of ads that you’ve been thrusting into the faces of your users.

But what if I told you there’s a better way to monetize your app. One that means that you won’t have to sacrifice your app experience. And one that can make you more money than your current monetization strategy.

Well, there is a solution, it’s called app data monetization.

What is this monetization strategy?

If you have built up a large mobile audience the big data that exists around these users is extremely valuable. You could be sitting on data that can carry huge potential without even knowing it.

Data around user behaviour can be extremely valuable for companies whose interests lie in understanding users. Mobile apps provide an awful lot of mobile data that are perfect for these companies to leverage. That’s why they are willing to pay high CPMs if the data is sourced reliably and precisely.


How to monetize an app with revenue from data

There are a few different types of data app monetization and it’s pretty specific to the app in question. But there’s a better way for developers to generate consistent app revenue. Better yet, you can do this whilst prioritising the app user experience.

One of the most effective includes identifying precise location data from mobile apps to better understand consumer habits or behaviour.

What are the benefits of app revenue data as a monetization strategy?

The potential for no in-app ads – you heard me right. This means that you can stop delivering those annoying banner ads to your users. Or don’t. DO both if you’d like. Data app monetization works in the background so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your app experience at all.

Higher CPMs – That data is extremely valuable if it’s precise. Your partners are the most important thing to consider with this kind of monetization strategy. You must clearly communicate with your users and it’s important to do this properly. Being upfront with your users on why they are receiving a free service is something that all developers can improve.

The platform becomes less relevant – tired of thinking of android app monetization strategies vs iOS monetization? Well, data app monetization is a way to level the playing field. You’ll get a much more consistent income across your audience, regardless of platform.

It’s ultimately one of the best app monetization strategies out there. It’s a great way to monetize your app without passing on the cost to your audience. keep your app engagement and monetize at the same time.

We’re not saying that you should cancel your previous app monetization strategy. There are always app monetization challenges for developers, and data monetization isn’t the solution to all of those problems. However, it can still be tested in a wider app monetization strategy. This way you’ll learn if it’s right for your app.


A note on user privacy and opt-in services

It’s important to educate your users on app monetization. All users should realise that the reason their app is free is due to the monetization of themselves.

That’s why it’s important to be up front. Have the conversation with your users as a part of your onboarding process. The best kinds of app monetization strategy clearly explain to users why the app is free and how you ensure that it will be using monetization.

Building trust with your users is key to this kind of monetization strategy.



  • There are many alternative app monetization strategies than ads.

  • Data monetization can help you to keep your audience engaged by not affecting the app experience.

  • App monetization challenges include ensuring you get a constant CPM across platforms. Data monetization provides that.

  • The CPMs involved in this app revenue model are significantly higher than most others.

  • An opt-in process and great user communication is key to this mobile app monetization plan.


The Tamoco platform

Our app monetization network uses the largest collection of device sensors in the world to source precise location data. This kind of data is highly valuable and generates CPMs that provide some of the best monetization for apps.

For a demo or to get started click here.

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