Tamoco joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program and launches its Smart Visitation Data on Google Cloud Marketplace

  • Tamoco is one of the first geospatial companies to offer fully customizable visitation data on Google Cloud Marketplace
  • Google Cloud Marketplace enables joint customers of Tamoco and Google Cloud to explore, quickly access datasets and integrate them into their daily workflows.
  • Other Tamoco solutions include raw geospatial data and uplift analysis reporting
  • Tamoco is also joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.

Tamoco, a leader in geospatial powered intelligence, has announced the availability of its Smart Visitation Data on Google Cloud Marketplace. Google Cloud customers can now access powerful insights into venue visitation by accessing data in just a few clicks.

Tamoco’s Smart Visitation Data enables powerful insights into changing visitation trends, analysis into venue, brand, stock and category performance, and the ability to compare current visitation to historical trends.

This partnership will allow Google Cloud customers to easily integrate high-value geospatial visitation data in context within their analytics and workflows to more accurately connect the offline world to online studies of trends and patterns.

The availability of this dataset comes as a part of Tamoco joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program.

Sam Amrani, Founder & CEO, Tamoco:

“Offering Tamoco’s Smart Visitation Data on Google Cloud Marketplace is a huge step in our strategy of driving better accuracy and accessibility in the world of Geospatial. This partnership will facilitate even smarter use cases across multiple industries as Google Cloud customers look to innovate with Geospatial data.”

About Tamoco

Tamoco is an award-winning geospatial company that is making the power of location accessible for all. Its suite of location products solves problems across several industries such as marketing, advertising, real estate, and retail.

Its Smart Visitation Data leverages cutting-edge technology to verify visits in challenging-to-measure locations and uses ML to verify and filter incorrect data points for a more reliable and holistic view into consumer behaviour.

By James Ewen

James is the head of marketing at Tamoco