Benefits Of Using Email Popup: Magic Of Popup Button

As online marketers and website developers know, pop-ups are an important interim step for driving traffic to a particular area of your site or specific offer. The problem with many of these pop-ups is that they are designed without particular consideration for the user or target audience. Email popups are a smart way to convert your website visitors into clients. Learn how they work and how you can incorporate them on your site. This guide also explores the benefits of using email popups.

What Is An Email Pop-Up Box?

Pop-ups are messages that appear on a web page or mobile application, usually when the user is trying to exit the page or app. They offer an opportunity for businesses to communicate with their website visitors, increase conversions, and generate more sales. Pop-up boxes are best used when your company has something of value to offer. The most valuable practices for adding email pop-ups to your website are listed below.

Best Practices For Adding An Email Pop-Up To Your Website

The best way to get people to sign up for a mailing list on your website is to offer something they want. This means that the pop-up should be relevant, useful, and well-designed. When designing your email pop-up box, remember these specific rules:

Choose The Right Pop-Up Genre For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Email pop-ups are one of the most popular and effective methods for generating traffic and sales for your company’s website digital marketing strategies. There are many choices for pop-up fields, including information capture, video fields, and opt-in email forms.


Choose the best format according to your goals. For example, when you want to grow your newsletter list by getting more email addresses from newbie customers, use an email signup popup form (and an email verifier to check their validity). They’re the most effective way to gather new emails from prospects on your site.

Intentionally Target Your Company’s Website Visitors At Key Moments

Once you know your goals, you can choose the perfect pop-up form to accomplish them. For example, if you want to gain a lot of traffic from email subscribers, use an email signup form. If you want business leads, use an opt-in form. If you wish to site visitors to register for a free trial or download a white paper, use an information capture field. Some pop-ups can be used without paying attention to how they will be used after the initial visit.

Make A Strategic Offer Based On Your Service

The most successful pop-up offers provide some kind of value to website visitors. For example, you could offer a list of related products, access to a free webinar or training session, discounts on products or services, information about your business that leads to a sale, and good information about things that are relevant to the site visitor’s interest. It’s important that your offer be limited in time so there’s an urgency element involved in filling out the form.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Web visitors can be very impatient, especially when it comes to pop-up boxes. They often don’t want to wait for the box to disappear. When your pop-up box has a subject line that mentions “email signup” or “opt-in form,” it may not work as well as one that is more specific and direct.


Make sure you use words and phrases in your email signup form so they will be perceived as an invitation by the reader. For instance, you could say, “Click here to download our free whitepaper on how to increase sales on your next webinar.”

Consider Website Visitors’ Viewing Platforms

Like all forms, pop-up boxes are more effective when they are seen. If your site is only intended for one viewing, then a pop-up form may not be appropriate. For instance, if you have an online event listing web page and the locals go there to click links to register for the event, pop-ups may not be effective.

Make It Pop With Pictures

You can make pop-up boxes more effective by adding images to them. Although they would not be the best choice for all forms, they can help draw attention and add a little color to a pop-up.

Be Unique And Irresistible

While a pop-up form may be all right for your website, you should use it to its full potential by making it irresistible and unique. For example, you could add a little character and personality to the email signup form. You could also write an entire brochure or white paper on that form so that your site visitors are prepared when they reach the signup button.

The Bottom Line

Once you’ve gotten your pop-up box up and running, you might want to make changes. If you feel that the email signup form should be more prominent, for example, consider making it bigger. As you’re looking at pop-ups as an opportunity for your website visitors, don’t forget that pop-ups can also be a good promotional tool or yield leads. However, they should be used with care and purpose.

By James Ewen

James is the head of marketing at Tamoco