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What’s New In Computer Games That Keeps Players Coming Back?


What’s New In Computer Games That Keeps Players Coming Back?

February 1, 2022

We all know that computer games are a profitable industry, but they can only be that if they manage to keep ticking the boxes for players, constantly drawing them back in and ensuring they return time after time for another crack at the game, whether that game is Pokemon Go, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, new iterations of Pacman, or CS:GO and the Counter-Strike franchise that so many people love. So, how have developers everywhere made games as irresistible as chips, as tempting as after-dinner candy – something gamers can’t resist, no matter how hard they try?

The Competition

Let’s face it; humans really love to compete with each other. We all love tickling, feel like we’re the best, especially when it comes with kudos from the other fans of the activity – and computer games more than tick this box! Almost all of the most popular options, especially in the world of esports, involve proving you’ve got the skills to outmatch any opponent the game can set you up against.

You’re especially likely to notice the competition element if you play popular esports like Counter-Strike (one of the biggest esports out there at the moment); something about this game just makes us long to grab a controller and get going. It’s pulling in people from all corners of the world to fight it out in tournaments and competitions; everybody’s eager to prove that they are the creme de la creme, and that nobody can take them down. The developers know that it’s this competitive drive that makes their games stand out and captivates players, casual viewers, and bettors, and they’re constantly finding ways to hone it. If you explore betting in csgo opportunities, you’ll see this in action – as you will in many of the esports out there. Let’s face it: we all love to win, and when we lose, we’re pretty eager to come back and demand a rematch!

And certainly, competition isn’t unique to modern video games, but there’s no question that in recent years, the number of multiplayer (and therefore competitive) options has massively increased, and we’re seeing more and more developers move into this space as they try to figure out new ways to set us up against each other. No longer are computer games something you enjoy alone in your room – for the most part! They’re now global, and you’re in it to win against every other player on the planet.

The Use Of AI

Of course, it’s not always about going up against real human players; sometimes, you’re fighting to prove your prowess against the computer… but this is where a lot of old games fell down, and where so many new games are proving themselves worthy opponents. The change, of course, lies in the improvement of AI that we’ve seen in recent years.

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard for players to distinguish between an AI and a thinking human opponent, and that’s a humongous achievement for developers everywhere – they’ve got games that are clever enough to learn based on player decisions, and that can hone and tweak their approach according to how the player is behaving. If that doesn’t give new computer games an edge over the older options, we don’t know what does!

In the world of CS:GO, players have even been using AI to improve their gameplay and give themselves an edge against the other players – well worth considering if you want to compete in tournaments, or even just win bragging rights with your friends. It’s not everything you need to become a pro, but it certainly helps; you’ve got brand new ways to understand where your weaknesses are, so you can start combating them and giving yourself an edge.

Visuals And Effects

We’ve come an awfully long way from the world of the early computer game, where you moved a few pixels around on a screen (or even just played a text adventure with no graphics whatsoever). Nowadays, the graphics are out of this world; we see almost lifelike visuals, with characters that could nearly pass for humans.

Games look so beautiful these days; many people play them just for the enjoyment of the fantasy worlds they create. There are lots of amazing options out there, but CS:GO is again worth a nod for realistic visuals and attractive weaponry. Even more notably, CS:GO was replaced by CS2 in September of 2023, and the graphics of the update are pretty breathtaking (although nobody was complaining about the graphics in CS:GO, because they were stunning too).

The new effects of things like smoke bombs are phenomenal, and we’re in love with how the weapons look. Things like water, textures, and lighting have all seen improvements, although we will admit you need some high-end hardware if you want to fully appreciate those, because (understandably) the developers have prioritized playability over appearances.

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