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How Recruitment Data and AI Revolutionize Recruitment


How Recruitment Data and AI Revolutionize Recruitment

March 28, 2019

Jobs are needed by everyone who is a part of the economy, and business can be made anywhere, which is why the world of recruitment is slowly becoming so advanced as technology evolves. 


Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity across the board through AI-powered job search sites like Lensa. The reason it has gained so much attention is due to all the benefits it provides to the recruitment process by making recruiter teams’ jobs easier. AI uses tons of data to function using algorithms, which also gives importance to recruitment data that is also being utilized. 

How does AI show up in recruitment?

Recruiting teams now use artificial intelligence software to complete various different tasks that would otherwise take hours, if not days, to complete. The aim of AI is to streamline and automate these tasks to achieve higher efficiency rates and more accurate success rates, which we will expand on later in this article. 


Recruitment data essentially means data-driven recruiting. This method is a base for AI to work off of since it is the information AI uses to come to conclusions through its powerful algorithms. AI takes a lot of computing power, which includes vast amounts of data, to function. Its payoff is the services it provides recruiting teams. 


The addition of AI improves recruitment practices in the short and long term and cultivates a stronger team for companies through more accurate matching. It also betters candidate experience by being a faster and more versatile method for getting hired. 

Methods for AI and recruitment 


The first benefit recruitment teams could experience from artificial intelligence is the automation of certain mundane tasks that held efficiency back. The main task that was automated was reviewing resumes in bulk. This task is repetitive and doesn’t necessitate human interference, which is why AI is now being used to review resumes using keywords and other settings. 


Communication and scheduling were also automated by the creation of chatbots and automated messages. There is no need for recruiters to spend time networking with candidates anymore since the messages are sent by themselves. Chatbots are an advanced version of automated messages that can help answer questions, change settings, or any other programmed task. 


Automation has reduced the workload for workers, bettered the experience candidates go through, and improved the quality of hires while keeping them engaged. 

Document review and organization 

Artificial intelligence is also able to review resumes that hit certain key targets such as experience levels, the right skills, keywords, and so on. The AI then passes these on for further human review. This method alleviates a large amount of the work recruiters would have to do. AI can also organize documents by grouping them as it was programmed to do. 


With reviewing documents comes background and reference-checking candidates, which AI can do automatically. This reduces risks for companies if they are looking into hiring specific candidates. From footprints left on the internet to checking past company records, AI can confirm the information on resumes more efficiently. 


These tasks done by AI have one large benefit: they reduce any subconscious bias. In recruitment, it is only human to come across levels of human bias found in many individuals, even if they aren’t aware of it. Lack of bias means qualified candidates have better chances of getting hired to positions they deserve, thus increasing the company’s success as well. 

Data identification 

As mentioned earlier, data is to AI as flowers are to bees. By receiving feedback and monitoring activity, AI can determine patterns and group different sets of information together to create data sets that can be used to deduce statistics. This statistical feedback can shape the way a team works for the better if used correctly. 


Artificial intelligence can also identify skill gaps in candidates and existing employees and help recruiters identify problems to reroute efforts into making solutions. Give a person the right task, and you’ll find the right outcome. 


At this time, we’ve been seeing more benefits than setbacks in using artificial intelligence for the recruitment process. Technology is here to make our lives more convenient, and AI does exactly so by doing the unlikeable tasks yet boosting the difficult ones found in recruitment. 


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