Foot Traffic Attribution

Foot traffic attribution is the process of identifying the sources of foot traffic to a business or location. This information can be used to inform marketing and business decisions.

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Todo lo que necesita saber sobre la atribución

Marketers now have a bigger arsenal than ever before. It’s a digital arsenal, an outdoor advertising arsenal, a location-based, personalized, tailor-made arsenal of marketing channels that attract customers. All this power comes with a problem; it’s hard to tell which marketing channels have the most significant impact on your business. Creating dozens of campaigns across […]

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Atribución multidispositivo, localización y recorrido del cliente

Marketing attribution has always been a tough area for marketers and advertisers. Attribution modelling has undoubtedly provided huge value. However, the ability to measure the effect of channels (or touchpoints) on the customer journey has often been fraught with difficulties. Return on investment has been difficult for a variety of reasons. Understanding the entire customer […]

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Atribución del marketing minorista mediante dispositivos móviles

What is mobile marketing attribution and what does it look like for retail? Attribution is a term that is thrown around quite a lot at the moment in retail marketing. If your business is investing in mobile, then it’s time to understand what it means, and how it can help you.   But what does it actually mean? […]


Meet Tamoco at NRF 2023 Book a meeting with us to learn about how Geospatial data can provide more insights around store visitation and retail. We’re at booth 753 in the Startup Zone. Book a meeting Measure foot traffic with our advanced POI methodology From your venues to competitor visits. We’ve built a measurement tool […]

Datos de visitas de Tamoco Smart

About the visits product The Tamoco Tamoco Smart Visitation Data uses the vast amount of actively collected location data to understand visits to Points Of Interest (POI). This product combines multiple data points to understand the number, and quality, of visits to a POI. The visits product provides a visit score as well as extra […]

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Unlock client insights with the power of Geospatial Geospatial can help consultants realize the goals of their clients with powerful insights into the where. Get Started User Consumer insights at scale Actionable insights about consumer journeys, paths to purchase and other behaviors. Code Model and analytics training Improve the performance of location-based predictive analytics models, […]

Comercio minorista e inmobiliario

Build your omni-channel retail strategy Add the where to generate more revenue, understand your performance and measure marketing impact. Get Started Explore Data Chart-bar#1 Measure foot traffic with our advanced POI methodology From your venues to competitor visits. We’ve built a measurement tool that reflects the reality of retail footfall. Credit-card Enrich your understanding with […]


Location-based audiences built on real-world movement With over 2000 premade audiences and segmentation tools make sure you get the right group, in the right moment. Speak to an expert View Documentation Find Integrations Shield-protected Scalable and precise Tamoco’s network contains over 200m devices globally. Our ML-powered methodology ensures precision so that you can target precise […]