Location based mobile marketing

Build an effective mobile channel for your business.

For businesses of all shapes and sized interacting with your customers is a priority. At Tamoco we help to provide an innovative mobile channel to drive footfall, engage audiences and provide valuable insights. Using mobile it's possible to connect the online world of marketing to offline audience behaviour.

Drive footfall and generate more interest. 

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Timing and relevance are the most important aspects of push campaigns. It's all about reaching your audience in the right moment. Proximity sensors understand where a user is. Contextual notifications are then sent to the user thorough their favourite apps. We have ran many effective campaigns with retail brands, FMCG brands, venues and stores world-wide. 

Understand behaviour before and after store visits.


We are forming the world's largest proximity network in the world. For brands, this means access to millions of users. Using proximity technology you can gain an accurate understanding of how audiences behave before, during and after visiting your store or buying your product.


Proximity marketing success story

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Magnum case study

Find out how Magnum gained over 1000 new visits to their pop-up store using proximity push technology.

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