Location-based audiences built on real-world movement

With over 10,000 premade audiences and segmentation tools make sure you get the right group, in the right moment

location based audience

Powerful audience segments


Scalable and precise

Tamoco's network contains over 150m devices globally. Our first-party SDK ensures precision so that you can target precise audiences at scale.

Tailored for programmatic

Our network is integrated with many of the leading adtech solutions to ensure seamless integration into your existing workflow.

Quick activation

For custom audiences or pre-packaged, define once and activate in your marketing. Our network will update as new devices meet your criteria.

location segmentation

Verified place visits

Our audiences are built on accurate place visits so you can always be sure that audiences are highly relevant for your campaigns.

Our audiences

Choose which audience is right for your campaigns

Ready to use audiences

Our pre-defined audiences are ready for you to activate in your campaigns instantly. Over 1000 location-based audience segments ready to bring into your programmatic advertising.

  • Segments based on brand or category visits
  • Behavioural, lifestyle and other movement-based segments based on visits
  • Demographic information such as age, gender, and device information
pre-built audience

Custom Audiences

Activate a location-based segment based on your criteria. For those who want to build audiences for specific campaigns with custom criteria.

  • Use demographics to start building audience segments.
  • Build audiences based on verified visits to millions of global places, chains, and points of interest
  • Use times of day to build highly tailored audience segments.
custom audiences

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The world's most accurate location intelligence stack

Tamoco combines accurate location sensors with its first party SDK to enhance data accuracy. We're leading the way in device placement and location precision.


billion sensors


million devices


million POI



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