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Location-based audiences

Using location data Tamoco helps to identify the right audience or segment based on how audiences behave in the real world.

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Location based audiences

Find the right audience based on movement. Tamoco provides relevant, interest-based segments based on how audiences move in known locations.

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Behavioural based audiences

Tamoco's network combines movement data with demographic information to create highly specific audiences which include interests and behaviour.

Targeting options


Identify and segment audiences based on common preferences Green commuter Workaholic Cyclists Fitness lover


Target based on key consumer interests such as Interests category (sports, lifestyle etc) Specific interest (football, high street stores)


Segmentation based on verified place visits, for example: Visited a venue with a time period Visited a specific venue a number of times in a time period Visited a category of venue Visited a brand of venue


Segmentation can be applied based on demographics that go beyond age and gender Age Gender Home location Work location

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Attribute digital advertising to real-world visits using Tamoco’s sensor-driven visit detection. Match campaign to conversions and gain valuable insights between digital and physical advertising.


Online to offline

Understand ROI on digital campaigns with real-world conversions. Track visits to stores and attribute to digital marketing.


Offline to online

Gain valuable reporting into the conversion of offline advertising such as OOH or interactive, real-world physical advertising.


Offline to offline

Monitor the effect that offline ad campaigns are having on real-world venue visits. Measure the value of offline advertising.


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