We are committed to data privacy from the point of collection to final use


We do not collect or analyse any personally identifiable information (PII).


Ourselves and our partners provide a clear and simple opt-out process.

location segmentation


We only source data from users that have opted in to location sharing.

Privacy compliant

We are fully compliant with current EU and UK legislation.

Privacy at Tamoco

Tamoco’s privacy procedures cover the location and proximity data from the point of collection and generation through to the point where is it shared with our customers and partners platforms’.

Tamoco takes the issue of data privacy and consent very seriously, and we’ve implemented strict policies and procedures in order to protect the data that we generate, license and sell. We’ve considered how we handle, anonymize and store data from the point of collection to the point of destruction – and everything in between. Most importantly, we’ve covered our privacy policy to extend to how this data flows into our customers’ platforms.

Tamoco ensures that its partners and customers adhere to all applicable privacy laws (including, but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”) and industry privacy standards, and process all location data and customer data accordingly.

Our core privacy mission

Put the user first

We need to ensure that user experiences are not compromised in order to prioritise data collection. This includes ensuring the user understands that their location and/or proximity data will be collected.

Obtain consent

Our publisher partners must obtain all relevant explicit consents from users to the fullest extent possible for the collection of location data from their mobile device(s).

Respect the right to opt-out

All partners whether buying or collection location data, must adhere to the rule that users’ have full and uncompromising control over their data and must respect the settings and choices that users make over their location data.

Read more about our privacy policy

Whilst Tamoco does not collect any data that falls within the definition of Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”), we remain compliant against the same standards as if we were handling this type of data, and are careful to note that some users will have privacy concerns on the matter of proximity and location data collected via our products as well as from partners. We have explained our privacy policies and procedures relating to this data in our privacy statement. To understand more about the data we collect from our website you can read our privacy policy.