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Tamoco is a data-privacy-aware geospatial company that accurately understands device location with unprecedented accuracy. Our leading-edge ML algorithm aims to enhance location accuracy and provide reliable geospatial data without compromising user privacy.

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Redefining the where

Tamoco is the most trusted source of open geospatial data.

We’re obsessed with accuracy – helping organisations transform their businesses using the power of precise location.

With a powerful suite of location-driven products, we can build a better-connected world.

Every day our solutions help create more efficient supply chains, enhance marketing campaigns, and make smarter business decisions by
understanding our world’s hidden patterns.

Our Leadership Team

Sam Amrani
Founder & Executive Chairman
Dylan Evaldsson
Head of Business Development
Chloe Hornett
Head of Finance

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Tamoco is now part of pass_by

Some select assets of tamoco have been acquired by pass_by, a leader in the geospatial world, in a commitment to redefining standards through AI-driven intelligence and ground truth verification.

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