Analytics platform

Our platforms provides valuable insights into audience behaviour.

The Tamoco platform provides brands, agencies and businesses of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to benefit from location. No more guessing what's happening in the offline world. Understand your customers better than ever before and focus your marketing for incredible results.

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Real-time analytics

Our interactive platform provides you with a powerful window into the offline world. Understand how audiences interact with your business. Create your own proximity campaigns. All manageable form our intuitive dashboard. 

Offline insights

We can provide behavioural insights into what goes on in the offline world. The Tamoco network provides actionable insights around millions of locations worldwide.  Attribute the performance of the KPIs that matter for your business to activity in the offline world. 

UNderstand your business.

Understand traffic in and around your physical space. How many customers visit your store a week. Understand peak times and in-store hotspots. See how users move before visiting and how long they stay. Gain an accurate idea of customer loyalty.

There are many uses for location data. Get in touch to find out more.

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