11 Creative Ways to Generate Better Leads


11 Creative Ways to Generate Better Leads

August 9, 2020

Many marketers are always trying to find new ways to improve their strategies for generating leads. Moreover, Google search results pages have become filled with promotional material and great content. 

Something we have to realize is that there are millions of free resources on the web that can grab anyone’s attention, so you must find creative ways to stand out. 

Nevertheless, in this article, we will find out the top 11 creative ways we can generate more leads. 


Try to create an interactive tool 

Many brands like Hubspot, Unbounce, and others have invested enough time to create free tools. Interactive tools are popular because they can create a bunch of leads. For example, you can use SEMrush as a free tool for exploring the type of keywords you need to use. 

Moreover, while you develop an interactive tool, you might get to finish much more work than you think and generate more leads than you think. This is because interactive tools make searches easier for people and allow them to go an extra step in their searches. 


Outbound calls 

Outbound calling involves a call agent reaching out to potential clients and trying to persuade them to buy their product or service. Outbound calling mainly focuses on lead generating and telemarketing. According to statistics, 75% of executives say they are willing to make an outbound call, so it isn’t any new form of calling! 

Outbound calls are one of the main components of the lead generation process, and through it, agents can do the following: 

  • Reach a large audience in a short period of time 
  • Collect real-time information 
  • Understanding the client’s pain points 
  • Promoting content to your target audience 
  • Get immediate feedback from prospects and decide whether or not they are qualified for the leads. 


Don’t sell people, educate them 

People don’t want to be sold, but when they are educated, this may have a powerful impact on them. Buyers will use the internet to find information about their products and services before they contact suppliers. This is your chance to help buyers make a good decision. After all, it’s better to make your customers learn something new than to be annoying and try to sell to them all the time. 


Promote value-adding content 

One of the most reliable lead generation approaches is to promote content that adds value to the everyday life of viewers. For example, maybe this can be a webinar that revolves around lead generation and is available upon the completion and submission of contact details. Thus, the content you promote will soon become available for distribution across many channels. 


Promote your lead gen forms in videos 

At some point, every marketer will face an issue such as wondering if you should be giving away your content for free to gain an extra level of organic traffic? Or do you use this method as a way of generating leads? 

However, it’s best to have a hybrid approach for each video. Rather than looking up content behind a lead gen form, it’s actually best to embed forms in each video you create so they can show up as your audience watches. For instance, here is an example from Attest inviting you to join their platform. 

Note: You can click here to learn more


Email marketing 

Email marketing is used to develop deeper relationships with your clients; if we put it in other words, it’s the power of email marketing. Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads for many B2C and B2B businesses. Prospects receive many emails daily, so you must follow a creative marketing style to ensure that you grab people’s attention quickly and encourage them to open your emails. 

In fact, let’s not forget that more than six billion emails are sent out each day. Therefore, here are a few tips you can follow when using email marketing for a new business: 

  • Introduce yourself
  • Address their issues
  • Show what the value of your product and service is 
  • Mention great partnerships you had 
  • Include product descriptions 


Don’t offer your clients too many choices 

Have you ever heard of the paradox of choice? The paradox of choice is a psychological term that claims if customers have too many options to choose from, they might make the wrong decision and might end up making the bad decision or have to think twice about buying something to a point where they’ll make a mistake. 

Alternatively, the best alternative to follow is to offer users fewer choices and not overload customers with too many choices. After all, it’s better to provide users with two or three choices rather than too many options. 


Ask for help from third-party experts 

Many brands will follow the strategy of posting a consistent blog every day and trying to make people discover their brand and be open to more communication. There’s nothing wrong with that, but looking outside your business is never a bad idea. Nevertheless, you are stepping outside your comfort zone and providing your audience with a new and fresh perspective. 

For example, if you are trying to help your site rank for more valuable keywords, you can ask an expert to help you do so. 



SEO is almost everything about a website, and whenever you want to increase your website’s rankings or rank on the first page of Google, you need to pay attention to your SEO. Therefore, considering SEO, you must focus on your keywords and see how they rank. Of course, for this purpose, you can consider using SEMrush, as it allows you to find out which keywords are trending in an area and recommends which keywords are best to use. 

Moreover, you need to include backlinks if you are writing articles, so you can also increase your rankings online. Once you understand how backlinks work, Google will start working for you and bring a higher level of organic traffic to your site. You can align your organic traffic both to your buyer’s journey and persona, including call-to-actions and email captures for turning these visitors from search engines to leads. 

Remember to work closely with leading SEO professionals to implement a successful strategy.


Include social selling 

Social selling is an excellent way to attract and engage the ideal buyer. You can create a social selling strategy and nurture messaging sequences with lead magnets so they deliver plenty of value based on their challenges. By the time you ask your buyer for any appointments, they have already addressed the biggest obstacles based on the type of value you delivered to them. 


Promote user-generated content (UGC)

People who see good reviews about you will automatically trust your brand more. After all, if a bunch of people told others that your brand isn’t a good idea, they most likely won’t come, right? The same goes for users who want to post positive reviews about their experience with your company. 

In fact, according to statistics, User-generated content (UGC) is 42% more effective than branded content, which directly impacts lead generation. After all, word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and you can promote UGC in any form you like. For example, maybe you are in the fitness industry and trying to show people reviews of those who lost weight using your program; you can do this in video form simply by creating a video and displaying the results people achieved. To further enrich your video production, you can also use green screen footage to enhance the visual appeal of your videos.

Thus, the more people trust you, the more they’ll want to see what you have to offer. Again, you can take an example from yourself, if you saw a product that everyone is using and saw five-star reviews, wouldn’t you also love to try it out? 


Wrapping it all up

That’s all for this article. These are the 11 creative ways you can generate leads. Lead generation is a challenge many marketers continuously face every day, but with the right approach, you can generate more leads than you think. Don’t forget to include user-generated content, include your customers in positive reviews they have about your business and even post them on your site if you can. After all, people will trust you more when they see that others also trust you. 

Additionally, don’t forget about SEO; you want to gain enough exposure on search engines so that the world sees what you are all about. 

The small steps all add up, so you must carefully read through each step and try to implement each step in the best way possible. 

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