5 Reasons Why Netflix Shows Change While You Travel Abroad


5 Reasons Why Netflix Shows Change While You Travel Abroad

July 4, 2020

When it comes to streaming services, Netflix is one of the best and most popular platforms. It offers you access to popular films and television programs that appeal to viewers all over the world. Netflix promises you a plethora of entertaining stuff, regardless of whether you arrange watch parties or stream films by yourself.


However, Netflix’s global selection of movies and television series varies from country to country. Its vast content library features a variety of films and TV series catered to various nations. You may be enjoying US television series and films, but your friends in Canada may not be able to see what you are watching.


You could discover that the Netflix selection varies significantly depending on where you are travelling to. Regular streamers may find it disheartening since certain locations have a restricted range of films and TV series. For instance, you will quickly notice that there are significantly fewer alternatives for Netflix content while you travel abroad. Fortunately, you can get around these limitations and access your home library, simply switching your Netflix location.

Why Netflix Shows Are Different in Every Country


Now, users know that Netflix shows vary from country to country, there are several reasons behind this. Most of them are related to licensing, copyright and distribution rights. Let us explore all the reasons for which Netflix shows vary with location. 

Distribution Rights

Because each region has different copyright and distribution rules, Netflix offers a diverse selection of content for each country. Not every film or television program has worldwide distribution rights, therefore only a few nations can view it. A movie that is only available in the US stays that way until you have a dependable VPN, such as Expressvpn or Nordvpn  for Netflix.


Every nation has its own Netflix video catalog; the secret to seeing content from around the world is to use a VPN. It modifies the IP address of your device so that it seems in a nation where you can watch the stuff you want. 


But be careful—Netflix can readily identify simple VPNs. Its detection system can be circumvented by using a powerful VPN, such as Expressvpn. It is one of the best premium VPNs available. 


Don’t worry if you have never used Expressvpn, there’s plenty of resources available online, Where you can find a ExpressVPN installation tutorial, and tips to use it to access the Netflix content from any location. NO matter where you travel on your trips, you can access your favorite Netflix shows in any country. All you need is to connect to a VPN server of the country where that show is available for streaming.


Regulations, Agreements, and Exclusive Shows

Think of it like a game of international show and tell. The Netflix shows available in the US are like a secret stash that the UK might not get to see. It’s not about favouritism; it’s just the result of different countries having different rules. So, when you’re jet-setting, be prepared for a switch in your streaming lineup.

Copyright Laws

Each film and television programme produced by any studio costs millions of dollars, and expenses might differ greatly. Producing and marketing a blockbuster can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, whereas independent studios can make films for as little as tens of thousands. Because there is so much money involved in making a movie, the studios try their hardest to uphold copyright as rigidly as possible and maximize their return on investment.


Because different markets have varying demands for specialised content, studios enforce copyright according to national laws. For instance, a highly successful American film may not be as entertaining in Brazil, and a popular British comedy may not be as humorous to Americans.


Both Netflix and the studios are aware of this, and the studios charge Netflix more in certain regions than in others in order to allow Netflix to stream certain titles. Due to the fact that content deals are country-specific, Netflix might decide to pay the amount that a studio requests in order to stream a title in one nation but not in others.

Broadcast Rights and Viewers Demand

You gave the broadcaster in another country the rights to air a show you produced there. If needed, they dubbed or subtitled it, and they made cuts based on what viewers were willing to watch as well as legal restrictions on what may be shown on television in that nation.


With so many streaming services available worldwide, anyone who produces a show might sell Netflix, Amazon, or any other company the licence to stream it, and those firms could then distribute it to all of their subscribers.


But only if they have agreements in place with smaller regional streaming services or other local businesses like television broadcasters. It’s possible that Netflix and the others won’t be able to purchase the rights to display anything in certain nations where they have customers.


This is one of the reasons streaming services have been producing entirely original content for themselves more and more.

Regional Popularity

The entertainment taste and preferences differ from country to country and region to region within a country. Netflix notices what people in a region or area prefer to watch according to their location, language and demand. It offers the content considering the popularity of shows and preferences of the people living in a country and location. 

Summing Up

A variety of factors, including distribution rights, copyright laws, regional legislation, and viewer tastes, significantly impact how differently Netflix’s content varies across different nations. Travelers may find it annoying when their favorite shows aren’t available overseas, but knowing these explanations helps to clarify how intricate the worldwide content distribution process is. 


These limitations can be overcome with the use of a trustworthy VPN, providing access to a larger selection of TV series and films. The focus on creating original content ensures that consumers worldwide may take advantage of distinctive and varied entertainment alternatives, regardless of where they are. This is especially important as streaming services continue to grow and expand their reach. 


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