Essential Tips to Improve Your International Business Payments


Essential Tips to Improve Your International Business Payments

March 15, 2020

Are you planning to expand your business in the International markets? If yes, this is the perfect time to hit the button. Globalization has redefined the commerce industry and reinvented transactions. 

According to recent estimates, the B2B payments market (minus the cross-border payments) was estimated at $49 trillion in 2021. The cross-border B2B payments are expected to grow twice its counterpart by 2030.

These numbers indicate an exponential growth in the cross-border payments. Most businesses seek affordable, hassle-free, automated payment systems that make them productive. 

You must consider numerous factors, including fluctuating rates and payment methods, while you set up worldwide payment solutions

This article will look at all the ways to simplify international payments for better outcomes. 

Top Tips for Hassle-free International Business Payments

International business payments refer to cross-border B2B payments that occur between two business accounts. You must simplify these payments for smooth and risk-free transactions.  Here are all the ways to improve international business payments. 

#1 Select Appropriate Payment Method

Your choice of payment method is crucial in ensuring accessible and seamless international payments. Your users are core to your choices. Their needs, preferred payment methods, and unique requirements are pivotal in choosing the right option.

You must explore the various options such as wire transfers, credit solutions, and online payments. Look at the pros and cons of each of these solutions before you proceed with them.

You are tight on budget when you are starting. You can choose to implement online payment platforms such as Stripe or Square for hassle-free international payments.

If you want to enable safe and real-time payments, integrating Blockchain technology can help. It will speed up transactions while maintaining transparency.

You must consider the speed and security of transactions while choosing the payment method. As a business owner, you must be abreast with the latest technologies and emerging payment trends for a smooth system.

#2 Understand the Currency Risks

As a business, you must be aware of the risks involved in international payments. You are transacting in multiple currencies, which can pose risks related to rate fluctuations and volatility.

These fluctuations can impact your profits, and in turn, impact your growth. The Zara USD transaction case study is a classic example of this situation.

A few years back Zara generated a good amount of revenue in US dollars. However, the fluctuation in the Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate impacted their profits. As a result, they could not show positive growth despite the number of goods sold.

They could have avoided this situation by implementing hedging strategies. This is an important consideration when planning international payments. These strategies will ensure your profits or conversion is independent of the market fluctuations.

Another excellent way to manage your risks is by diversifying your holdings. This way a single currency volatility may not impact your business growth.  

#3 Define Clear Payment Terms

Clear and transparent payment terms can help maintain transparency between businesses. It will also help understand the payment schedule and establish the contract terms.

You must mention the due date along with the currencies accepted by your business. The contract should also clarify the additional fees to avoid disputes.

If you have specific payment conditions or milestones, you must outline them in the contract. Make sure you and the other party are on the same page concerning the contract restrictions and schedules.

It is equally important for both parties involved to mention the penalties in case they fail to adhere to these contracts.

The best contracts are neatly outlined, mentioning each aspect in detail. These contracts promote trust and reliability in the transactions. It can also help you build a strong reputation in the business realm.

This is how established payment terms can help your business.

  1. You can avoid the uncertainties associated with exchange rate fluctuations. This can improve your business’s stability in the international landscape.
  2. It helps strengthen your partnership with the suppliers for a reliable and long-term partnership.
  3. It also enhances the way you manage disputes as you work within a pre-defined framework.  


#4 Know the Regulatory Compliances

You must know the local regulations, limits, and legal aspects before entering into an international landscape. Awareness of their regulatory compliances and data protection laws is crucial in ensuring risk-free payments.

You must research the regulatory bodies operating in the markets you plan to expand. Seek an understanding of their payment systems, the paperwork involved and legal compliances to avoid any legal issues.

A detailed understanding of cross-border and local taxes can help you avoid any hassles or legal issues in the future.

Let’s take an example of a multinational financial institute operating in various continents. They must be aware of the anti-money laundering regulations to ensure due diligence in all their transactions. This would also prevent fraud and legal issues for the institution, ensuring seamless processes.




Businesses look for hassle-free and seamless international payments. However, the landscape may pose risks and issues if you do not handle them properly.

Before you enter into an international contract, make sure you have added clear payment terms. You must select an affordable, usable, and accessible payment mode to strengthen your cross-border transactions. 

Implement the appropriate compliances and regulations to mitigate the risks. This would prevent legal obligations that destroy your reputation. 

It is equally important to integrate the apt strategies to strengthen your cross-border transactions and make them risk-free. These four tips can help you streamline your financial processes and foster sustainable growth. 

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