How modern computer games are created?


How modern computer games are created?

November 2, 2019

Nowadays, a few people do not know what computer games are. People love it because they captivate our minds with thoroughly written scripts, vibrant graphics, and effects. They are like a movie where you make decisions for the main character. But how are they created? This is a very interesting topic for discussion because the computer game industry is not only fascinating but also very profitable.

Beginning of development

Usually, the entire process starts with an idea. A game development studio, like, for instance, picks up on this idea. The company begins to develop the idea. The parties discuss everything starting with how they see the main and secondary characters and ending with the budget of the project. The necessary documents are signed, such as NDAs, service agreements, etc. Then the responsible parties select the team, hiring new people if necessary.

The list of professionals in such companies is very long, these are just a few:

  • Game designers;
  • Coders;
  • Testers;
  • Artists;
  • 3D-specialists;
  • Sound engineers and many others.

Development studio offers a full cycle of services during phases of development, so turning to such a company may be the best decision for the customer, who wants to create his unique piece of art in a form of a computer game. Companies may specialize in the production of gaming experiences for PCs, consoles, or tablets. The development may be financed by another, bigger firm, the publisher. Indie developers usually create games without a publisher.

How are technologies chosen for a project?

Among the most significant aspects in the creation of a game, besides people, is software. Selecting technology for a specific project requires very broad knowledge and a huge amount of background, which is why it is done by top-level specialists, such as technical directors.


The essential software, that is considered basic, is the engine. A game development studio usually helps with the appropriate choice of an engine during the preparation phase of development. There is no answer to the question “which engine is better?” as each one is good in its way. The engine can be chosen depending on the type of game, for example, the engine for a shooter may not suit an RPG.

Currently, the most popular tools are Unity and Unreal Engine. Most modern video games are based on these engines. Big developers make their own engines, like Rage, and Decima, for example.

Artificial intelligence

AI is a set of IT procedures that are used in games to create the illusion of intelligence in the behavior of computer-controlled characters. In addition to traditional artificial intelligence techniques, it involves control theory, robotics, computer graphics, and computer science algorithms in general.

The essence of AI is that by using programming languages and mathematical calculations it is possible to create a program that replicates the thinking processes of a human being. Gaming artificial intelligence continues to evolve with the goal of reaching a level where the player is incapable of distinguishing between a computer opponent and a man.

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