How to Keep Your Marketing Team Productive While Working From Home


How to Keep Your Marketing Team Productive While Working From Home

June 23, 2020

The remote marketing team is becoming the norm in today’s digital age. You can work from home and save time and money with a remote marketing team. Remote marketing teams are one of the newest trends in the digital marketing industry. This results from how much more accessible remote work has become in the past few years. The main benefits of having a remote team are that it can be more cost-effective and allow for a more diverse workforce.

The digital marketing industry is rapidly changing due to the rise in technology and internet access. As a result, companies must change their strategies to keep up with these changes. Companies have adapted to these changes by outsourcing their marketing operations to countries where labor costs are cheaper than in North America or Europe. This is also commonly known as the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

But keeping your remote marketing employees productive is a great challenge for all company managers. Communication between employees and management has to be in the correct order so that marketing objectives and goals for your company can be accomplished.

Traditional vs. Modern Marketing Strategies

Marketing is such a concept that changes with time. With the advancement of technology, location based marketing strategies are also shifting towards technology. While in traditional marketing strategy, the main focus was on the product, in modern marketing strategy, the prime focus is on customer needs and wants. A strong marketing team is responsible for analyzing all customer needs and wants the target market, and marketing entry strategies. In addition, traditional marketing strategy deals with maximum profit, whereas modern marketing strategy deals with gaining more customer satisfaction. 

Here, I will explain that customer contentment increases your sales volume. You may wonder why? The primary reason is that if a consumer is pleased and is convinced that your brand or company offers good value, that customer may engage in word-of-mouth marketing to attract potential customers. With the pace of time, companies are shifting toward modern marketing strategies. They are looking for SEO, a Digital Marketing Platform to operate their marketing activities. Sometimes companies outsource their marketing activities to any Digital PR or marketing agency or freelancers to get the best market research for their product and service.


Importance of Remote Work for Marketing Team

The marketing department is responsible for all marketing operations, including customer segmentation, market research, the development of product distribution channels, promotional activities, customer support, pricing, and many others. The core activities of the marketing team, whether remote or in-office, utilize the 4 p’s of marketing. These are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. As the market competition is prevailing not only in the local market but also in the global market. 

To manage global marketing opportunities, your company must ensure a longer period of customer service worldwide. For this, there is no shortcut. Rather, you adopt remote team management and give employees a free space from the cubicles. Some of the mentionable importance of Remote work for the marketing team are:


Global Opportunity and with No Geographical Boundary

Marketing teams are constantly working on new projects and need to be productive at all times. Marketing teams need a way to stay in touch with their customers to keep up with the flow of work and know what’s going on in their field. But it is not so easy to maintain marketing service 24/7. In that case, you can hire a marketing agency to take care of your marketing activities. You will have the chance to offer your product all over the world. There will be no limitation on the territory or geographical boundary.


Greater Market Research

Intense market research is needed for accomplishing marketing objectives. Remote marketing teams are an essential part of any business. They can help market your company’s products and services to more people. Your remote marketing team can manage customer relationship management, lead generation, and sales. Global market research is determining what products consumers want and planning how to generate them. Remote team members can go outside to take primary data and analyze the market share. 

Wide range of Talentpool and Expertise

Suppose your team needs an expert to resolve a marketing issue, but you cannot recruit a local specialist. Employing the experts for remote work so he may complete your project working from home if he is residing far from your office. This is possible if your marketing team is remote. Remote marketing teams can access a larger talent pool and expert selection possibilities. If you establish a remote marketing team and inform those global talents and freelancers about your competitors and market, you will achieve the best results for the company. 

Office Expense

Over the past many years, there has been an upward trend in the price of office space. This is due to the proliferation of technology and the requirement for more floor space in workplaces. Utilizing remote offices is one way to cut down on rising office costs. This allows employees to work from their homes or a different place without incurring the costs of renting a local office space or paying for utilities. For example, an effective way for a remote marketing team to boost their productivity is to set up a temporary workspace in their homes, using their gadgets. 

Transport Cost

Transport cost is one of the significant hidden costs for any employee. As it is impossible to calculate the transportation cost for each employee, companies have to find the most efficient way to reduce this cost. The best solution to the transport cost problem is to make your in-office marketing team a remote marketing team. In that case, your employees will get more time to spend with their families. 

Improve Employee Productivity

Productivity is directly proportional to employee satisfaction. To achieve maximum productivity, employees can refer to the employee handbook and understand their responsibilities. Most research indicates that employees who spend more time working from home are more satisfied with their jobs. According to SHRM, those working remotely have increased their productivity by 77%. While working from home, any marketer becomes more time-efficient. Employees in the office may be concerned about family issues and their children’s well-being and may be in a stressful situation. But if they work from home, they will not be interrupted since they have easy access to family matters.

Hybrid Workplace

In a hybrid work environment, people work from home and in the office. When discussing marketing teams in general, a hybrid workplace is a must. Because gathering market research data from merchants or final consumers requires a mobile marketer, who will move from store to store, consulting with sellers, and customers. In a hybrid workplace, both remote and on-site workers are required. Many marketing tasks can not be performed sitting in the office; employees need to go outside. That is why the hybrid workplace is required to get a 360-degree solution to it.

Remote Work Improves Time Efficiency

Working from home is like the freedom of your marketing team. This freedom is thrilling. Working from home allows you to work whenever and wherever you choose. It grants you control over your time and the freedom to work according to your preferences. Efficiency is the best way to utilize your time to accomplish particular work at the right time. In addition, the remote marketing team can operate anytime if they are working from home, increasing your customer support efficiency. 

Improve Employee Retention

Organizations are finding it challenging to retain current personnel as a result of a variety of difficulties. Creating exceptional working environments that include flexible working hours, a pleasant work culture, and the capacity to satisfy employees is the key to retaining talent. This, however, requires a great amount of effort. Here, Remote working gives employees all the facilities to get more satisfaction.


Best 6 Ways to Get High-Performance Remote Marketing Team While Working From Home

The performance of remote team members is directly proportional to the productivity of each employee. Working from home provides many advantages, but it also brings certain challenges that need to be tackled for employees to remain productive. For example, remote employees must participate in video conferencing and communicate with other remote team members. Still, there are different ways to manage the high performance of the remote marketing team.

Clear and Easily Accessible Communication Means

In business, you need to master communication for your company’s growth. Communicating means that clients, suppliers, customers, employees, managers, and stakeholders must be easily accessible. We all like engaging in conversation with other people. No matter if we are having a personal conversation or conducting business. The primary function of communication is to convey information from one party to another. The use of modern technology like video conferencing, messaging tools, or VoIP for call centers, for example, is an effective means to make it easy for employees to communicate with customers, vendors, partners, and clients outside their offices.

No Multitasking

While working from home, an employee may find lots of tasks that need to be done. In that case, the employee may engage in multitasking, ultimately decreasing productivity and performance. Not only is multitasking bad for your brain, but it might also be terrible for your life. It hinders performance on various tasks, which can result in work errors. In addition, multitasking may lead to a lack of motivation and productivity when working on multiple tasks. That is why you must motivate your employees to stop multitasking.

Providing Reliable tools

Tools are the main factor of any remote team. Especially for marketing teams, there is no shortcut to using marketing tools. Be it any manufacturer company, service industry, or software company everywhere, you need to have good marketing tools. The remote team will be more efficient with reliable marketing tools and software. When it comes to marketing, it would appear that there are always new tools, strategies, and trends to learn about and include in the marketing plan. You can find new tools which serve you the best marketing outcome.

Monitoring and Tracking

The marketing teams are considered to work from home to get more efficiency. However, it’s challenging to be productive when you spend half your day in front of a computer and work from home. There are many advantages while working from home for marketing teams and the organization. But it is challenging to ensure they are not wasting too much time on non-business-related tasks. Monitoring your employee with employee monitoring software will give you an upper hand over them. They won’t visit any irrelevant site during working hours. 

Emotional Support

Working remotely is exciting and productive, but sometimes it can be boring, and employees can feel lonely. Many remote employees feel much pressure and stress as they work alone and have no other co-workers around. So finding ways to support the marketing employees emotionally or provide emotional feedback should be a major concern for every company. For a remote marketing team, there can be any team member who feels shy to come up with new ideas. So being a manager or leader of the remote marketing team, you must make a free space for every employee so that they can pitch their ideas.

Pomodoro Break

Taking short breaks while working boosts productivity. Sometimes it is seen that employees who are working from home forget about taking a break. Pomodoro break is a technique by which employees segment their work in a short period and utilize the short 15-20 minutes break to get refreshed. Pomodoro break is scientifically proven, and many remote teams use this technique. 

Tools to Keep Your Remote Marketing Team Productive While Working From Home

Video Conferencing: Zoom

Remote marketing teams must be able to communicate clearly and concisely to be productive. Many remote marketing teams have invested much in video conferencing software to interact with their remote employees. Zoom provides good audio and video quality. It is used in daily meetings. Your remote marketing team can use screen-sharing services to collaborate and discuss projects. Also, you may share your thoughts using training videos or the whiteboard feature.

Messaging: Slack

Slack is messaging software that allows users to create groups with their friends or coworkers and communicate with those groups. Workspaces in Slack make it easier to organize interactions through channels for group conversations, private messages for the exchange of files, and many more. For your remote marketing team, slack can be a great team chat app for collaboration.

Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking: Apploye

Apploye provides employee monitoring with screenshots, project tracking, invoicing, timesheet management, and many more employee monitoring options. This software is very user-friendly, and its interface is very smooth. It is available in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and Chrome Extension versions. Monitoring your remote marketing team with Apploye increases the productivity of your marketers.

SEO Software Suite: Ahref

The basic idea of Ahrefs is to help you find out how your site ranks on Google, Yahoo, and Bing by providing data about backlinks and link shares across different domains. Ahrefs helps in link building, keyword research, website audit, the rank of domains, content research, competitor research, and many more. This application’s extensive database makes it easier for marketers to do in-depth analysis and research.

Content Writing and Plagiarism: Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool that analyzes the grammar in the content you create and provides feedback and suggestions on how to make it better. It is an excellent method for determining whether or not the content you have written is correct. Both a paid and a free version of this software is available. However, the free version offers fewer features. Content increases traffic to a website. Grammarly makes your content error-free, and every time you write anything, whether an email or a text message, you will get suggestions from Grammarly.

Facebook Group Manage: Groupboss

Groupboss is a solution for generating leads for your Facebook marketing team. This application allows you to copy and paste the responses to the group membership request, which considerably reduces the amount of pain suffered by the group’s owners. There are now fifteen different autoresponders that can be combined with Groupboss. These autoresponders include Automizy, Sendinblue, Sendgrid, and others. Groupboss is always willing to find a solution to the customer’s problem in collecting leads from Facebook.           

Email Management: EasySendy

Easysendy is email management software that allows users to organize and send emails. It enables you to compose, modify, and send email messages anywhere on your desktop computer or mobile device. Your remote marketing team can get hassle-free email marketing analytics and Track all emails regarding marketing operations with Easysendy Pro.


Technology development has made it possible for remote marketing teams to deliver more productive work than in-office marketing teams. Working from home as a remote marketing team presents challenges despite its numerous potential benefits. Your marketing efforts will thrive and result in a greater return on investment as soon as the problems are met with improved approaches and the best tools for remote marketing teams.

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