How Workplace Design Affects The Business Success


How Workplace Design Affects The Business Success

July 25, 2020

Over the decades, office design has evolved significantly. Today’s companies know how the office design impacts the overall performance and success of the company. A good office design not only motivates employees and increases their productivity, but also impacts business performance. 


Making a few changes to the office design plays a great role in achieving the goals and success of the business. 


In this article, we are going to discuss why office design is important and as well will give a few suggestions on how you can make things out. 

Why is workplace design important?

Employees are the valuable assets of any organization. Without their efforts, you can’t take any business forward. If your employees are happy, they would feel more devoted to your company. A good workplace design not only helps with employee satisfaction but also increases overall morale. 


Let’s take a look at how a good workplace design reflects the performance of employees and thus the overall performance of your business.

Increased efficiency

Employees who are happy are more productive. A decent workplace design gives your employees more confidence in their jobs and the environment in which they work. According to research, great workplace design boosts employee happiness by 35 percent. As a result, if your employees are happy, they will be more productive and so complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently.


Improved atmosphere

A well-designed office that inspires, motivates, and relieves the stress of the employees which creates positive vibes. When employees are working in a good environment, they focus completely on their work, manage their duties, and show loyalty to their company. It has a beneficial impact on other employees’ sense of responsibility as well.  


Natural light, improved air conditioning, comfortable furniture, and collaborative workplaces combine to create the ideal environment for accomplishing business goals. 


Better concentration

Employees working in an organized and well-designed space are better able to focus on their work. Instead of working in an office with cluttered space around their desks, dusty furniture, and lots of unnecessary stuff lying on their side. 


Imagine an employee working in an office with a desk on which he can hardly find a space to put his stuff. And there is dust all over the desk and wires are entangled, he would never be able to concentrate properly. Thus a good and well-organized office impacts the focusing ability of the employees.


Decreased absenteeism

When employees are leaving their homes and coming to work, they are motivated and energetic and this remains the same till the end of the day when they are working in a well-designed and comfortable environment. They would feel more willing to come to work every day. 


In addition to creating a positive vibe, a good office design also decreases the absenteeism of employees. Since they are working in a clean and hygienic atmosphere, they would not get sick. And healthy employees are happy employees. So a decent and clean office design also promotes less absenteeism of employees. 


So a good office design is something that companies should never ignore in today’s world. The success of the company is directly affected by the office environment. “So, include also your branding elements like logo design in your office design”.


How can you enhance the office design?

Here are several changes you can make to your office design to increase the overall performance of your business.


Amenities are important 

In the office, modernizing amenities has become as vital as healthcare plans. Workplace amenities can include game rooms to provide socialization time for employees, gyms for lunch time workouts, cafeterias with unique food options, fake plants to boost the greenery effect, and cubicle desks to foster a sense of privacy.  If you provide all of these conveniences to your employees, they will like their work and look forward to coming to work every day.


Comfortable furniture

Poor and uncomfortable furniture, like improper seats and desks, can have a negative impact on the health of your valuable employees. Back, wrists, shoulders, and eyes can all be compromised when your employees have to work with uncomfortable seating, resulting in absence of the employees and thus increased cost. 


Comfortable furniture plays a great role in increasing the productivity of employees and hence increasing the productivity in the workplace. Providing comfortable furniture to your employees increases their overall welfare by reducing serious health risks and tiredness, as well as allowing them to carry out their daily tasks easily. 


Lighting makes a great impact

Employee fatigue, headache, and stress are caused by improper light and the strong glare from screens. If the lighting isn’t done correctly, it can affect your employees’ vision and make them fatigued. 


Make sure that the office space has adequate lighting. Your workers would be more productive if they have enough lighting. Trying to add more daylight,  more bulbs, and modifying the position of light sources or working desks, and making effective use of reflected light are all ways to enhance the lighting in the workplace. 

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