Property in Dubai for investments


Property in Dubai for investments

March 22, 2019

Dubai is a thriving metropolis in the desert, an international resort, and a developed technological and economic center of the UAE. For those who can afford a relaxed lifestyle, Dubai offers genuine estate and all the conditions for living and recreation. You can buy three-bedroom apartments in Dubai in luxury new developments ready to move in. They have an excellent renovation and are fully furnished.

Due to its premium status, this type of housing belongs to a separate category of real estate in Dubai, the cost category of which is an order of magnitude higher than the average object on the market.

However, despite their high cost, luxury apartments in Dubai are in demand among Arabs and visitors. This is due to their profitability and quick payback in the process of commercial operation. Subject to a competent selection of real estate, an expensive flat in Dubai will become a reliable tool for living in a new country.

What are the pros of three-bedroom apartments in Dubai

Such flats are not bought as often as one-bedroom flats and studios, but this type of housing also attracts investors. Foreigners acquire such objects for seasonal holidays with their families, permanent residence, and short-term lease to large groups of tourists. Income from renting housing reaches 5-6 percent per year.

Other benefits include:

  • Big square. As a rule, three-bedroom apartments in the UAE and several bedrooms and spacious living rooms have two or three bathrooms.
  • Thoughtful layouts. Ample spaces allow you to accommodate a large family comfortably.
  • Developed infrastructure. In Dubai’s new buildings, citizens have hidden parking, pools, and leafy zones for walking and outdoor activities.

How much does a three-bedroom apartment cost? Prices depend on the size of housing in square meters, area, comfort level, stage of construction, and other factors. The average cost is USD 450,000.

Benefits of purchasing an flat in Dubai

In addition to a good opportunity to receive passive income from renting out housing, the owner of Dubai real estate can count on the following:

  • Acquiring a resident visa. An investment in a three-bedroom apartment will be enough to obtain a golden visa for the customer and his family members. It will allow you to stay in the UAE for an unlimited amount of time and have almost all the same rights as citizens of the country.
  • The loyalty of the tax legislation. Ownership and use of housing for income are not subject to taxes in Dubai.
  • Safety. The UAE is one of the most unassailable countries in the world.
  • Government agencies control the procedure for getting a home in the UAE, so the acquisition is quick and secure.

Purchase of a three-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina 

Buying a three-bedroom apartment can be the right option, but it depends on your financial capabilities, future, and property ownership goals.

Dubai Marina is an upscale area with many dining, shopping, and amusement opportunities, excellent infrastructure, and transport links. However, real estate prices in the area can be very high.

Before you buy property in Dubai, you must thoroughly analyze your finances and evaluate your ability to pay for an apartment. In addition to the cost of the apartment, it is necessary to consider such expenses as taxes, commissions, paperwork, and maintenance of the apartment.

It is also important to pay attention to the layout and condition of the apartment, its location in the building, and the availability of amenities such as a pool, gym, parking, etc.

Buying a home in Dubai

If you are looking for three-bedroom apartments in the UAE and do not want to look for the best options, then Emirates.Estate will help you with this. The selected objects will differ in price per sq. m., space from the sea, quality of finishing, layout, and infrastructure of the area. All these factors determine the final price. Depending on your personal preferences and financial capabilities, you will determine the most acceptable option for a three-bedroom apartment in Dubai. Specialists will organize its viewing and handle all the paperwork necessary to buy it.

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