SaaS Marketing Hacks To Win As A Competitive Startup


SaaS Marketing Hacks To Win As A Competitive Startup

December 5, 2019

Businesses require diverse software solutions to stay on top of tech trends, but not all organizations can afford custom development. Thankfully, SaaS providers come to their rescue, offering software on a subscription model. Not surprisingly, the demand in the SaaS domain is high, making it a lucrative one for aspiring entrepreneurs. Joining the bandwagon is a great idea, as you need not worry about falling short of demand. Additionally, the profit potential is high in the industry. But you require a viable marketing plan to set yourself apart in the tight landscape. Here are some valuable SaaS marketing hacks to win as a competitive startup.

Leverage the power of content

SaaS customers are often knowledgeable business leaders and decision-makers looking for solutions to enhance their business. They also want to address specific pain points such as employee productivity, customer relationships, and more. Experts at Outreach Monks emphasize the importance of providing valuable content to show how your solution can resolve customer pain points. The best way to do it is to create relevant content that answers the questions they ask through their buying journey.

Offer free trials

Another quick hack to get customers on your side is by offering free trials of your product. They will probably upgrade to a paid subscription if they find your product relevant to their needs. It is the best way to acquire new buyers and retain them for recurring revenue. The good thing about free SaaS trials is that they entail little to no cost because you need not bear the shipping costs. You only need to let the potential buyer use your product to make them stick.

Push ahead with reviews and referrals

B2B leaders often rely on word-of-mouth while buying a product or service for their business. You can push ahead by promoting positive reviews from your clients on your website and review sites. Encourage happy customers to share a good one on social media and review platforms. Also, showcase them on your website’s home page where visitors can see them. Incentivizing clients for referrals is also an excellent strategy to drive new ones to your website. A small offer or discount is enough to drive referrals, while great services may even get them free of cost.

Build trust with SEO ranking

Since SaaS is a B2B offering, the trust factor matters more than anything else. A top-ranking website is an ideal way to build credibility because the audience wants to buy from top sellers. You can win the SEO game by creating top-quality SaaS backlinks consistently. Also, remember that quality matters more than numbers, so prioritize factors like relevance and authority while linking to websites. Guest posting is an ideal strategy when it comes to link-building in this domain because it gives you the advantage of being endorsed by niche leaders.

SaaS marketing need not be a challenge for startups running on tight budgets. Follow these simple and low-cost tips to win the race, no matter how competitive your business landscape is. 

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