Strategies For Promoting An Online Dating Profile


Strategies For Promoting An Online Dating Profile

July 8, 2020

There’s a lot of talk out there about the “dating market place”. That’s a pretty horrible way to think about your potential partners but there are things we can learn from the world of marketing to boost our chances of getting a date.

Marketing Strategies for Your Dating Profile

Whatever kind of date you’re looking for, be that a long-term relationship or just a nasty hookup, your profile is basically your marketing materials and you, or dating you, is your product. When you think about things in these terms, it’s easy to see what you can learn from the world of marketing.

Just like with any product, there are certain steps you can take to boost your chances of making the sale. It’s a crowded space out there and you’re gonna need a megaphone to be heard. Harnessing a few basic marketing strategies can be that megaphone.

Marketing 101

In marketing the basic rules are, you want to grab attention, hold that attention, share your value proposition then suggest an action. Once they make that action, you make the sale.

The best ways to go about this changes a bit depending on your product and your market, but that’s the bones of it.

When you’re selecting a picture for your profile, that’s you grabbing attention. Making it an interesting read covers your value proposition and holding attention. Getting them to click ‘match’ is your action. So far, so easy, but how do you go about putting that into action?

Getting Started

The first thing to do in any marketing project is work out who you’re aiming at. A little market research (in this case; thinking about who you want to date) goes a long way.

We’re trying to tailor everything towards this theoretical date. Think about what you like in a partner and narrow in on that imaginary person.

Grabbing Attention

Grabbing attention online is tricky. There’s a lot of noise you’ve got to cut through (your ‘competition’ to keep the metaphor going). Your first, and best, weapon is the profile picture. There’s no perfect picture out there but there’s a list of things to avoid:

  • No fish. Dude, don’t be a meme.
  • No group pics. How are they meant to know who you are?

Pick pictures that showcase you at your best and suggest the kind of relationship you want. If you’re outdoorsy, get a pic from a hike. If you like to spend your nights in the club, the dancefloor is good. If you’re looking for a hook up you know what to do.

Holding Attention

Now that your stunning beauty has captivated them into clicking on your profile, it’s time for the real rizz. You’re selling your personality here, so aim to stand out. We’ll talk about content in a minute, but this section is all about tone.

Avoid the clichés. Don’t say you’ve got a ‘GSOH’, show them.

Be funny, interesting, mysterious, whatever, but showcase yourself. Remember, you’re working in text, so subtlety isn’t going to work. There are probably quite a few people competing for your target audience’s attention, so it’s worth putting some effort in here.

Value Proposition

Now that you know what you want to say and how you want to say it, it’s time to put it into action. Why are you the perfect choice in this ‘marketplace’? What have you got to offer?

You’re trying to come across as the kind of person your target audience wants to date, so slip in things that mark you out. You don’t ‘like to cook’, you’re an “amazing chef who cooks a mean bolognaise”, you don’t ‘like to hike’ you “eat mountains like cereal”.

Let them know they’re going to have a real experience dating you. You’re not a cardboard cut-out; you’re a living, breathing person.

Be bold, but don’t say things that aren’t true; you’re gonna have a bad time when people suggest doing stuff you’re just no into.

Call To Action

This isn’t about getting the date, it’s about getting them to want to talk.

There’s a few ways of doing this. You could rely on your profile pic, stunning prose and luck, or you could be more proactive and ask a question or suggest and action. Something like “Hit me up if you like Pina-colada’s and getting caught in the rain” might work.

You’re trying to get them to start chatting. Being direct, friendly and funny is a good way to do that.

In Conclusion: Sell Yourself

It’s a crowded marketplace out there and you want to stand out. Being confident, fun, charming and leaving them wanting more will stand you in good stead.

Ready to put it into action? Sign up to a dating site today and see how it works out.

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