The Importance of Networking for Business Students: Building Relationships for Success


The Importance of Networking for Business Students: Building Relationships for Success

April 28, 2018

The importance of networking for business students can hardly be overestimated. Experts believe that deliberate and well-planned networking paves the way for your future success. The earlier you engage in it, the more likely you are to enjoy its benefits.

You should use your time in college to start developing connections that you can draw on later as you start setting up and developing your business. More often than not, success is driven by your ability to use the right contacts and connections. Let’s take a deep dive into why it matters so much.

Building relationships

Networking helps business students start building relationships that might last for good. These relationships might often prove crucial in moving the needle, finding badly needed investment, or expanding your business.

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Meeting experts and experienced professionals

When you network, you get a chance to interact and learn from a large pool of professionals. They have multiple successful projects under their belts, so there is a lot you can learn from them about doing business. They can give you priceless insights into the dos and don’ts and common pitfalls to avoid.

Access to a large pool of business opportunities

Networking also provides access to a number of opportunities that are not readily obvious or accessible. Whether you start your own business or decide to work for a large corporation, you can always benefit from tips on where to apply. This gives you more than the stale information in job adverts. That ‘little more’ is often the difference you need.

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Getting a feel for the industry you want to work in

You cannot learn everything there is to know about the industry you want to engage in. Networking happens to have that added benefit of giving you insights into the chosen industry, its peculiarities, pros and cons, and common expectations.

Building your reputation early on

As a professional, you want to build the kind of reputation that will precede you. It starts with your college years. How often have you heard others say they draw on their contacts dating back to college? It is very common in business to look for people you trust. Your college buddies might be the ones who pass muster.

Industry events

Use industry events as an opportunity to participate in, learn from, and establish relationships. These events are a great segue to information about the most popular trends in the industry. The sheer brain power they manage to coalesce will be worth your efforts. If you need more tips on how to manage your funds effectively, don’t hesitate to spend time reviewing expert advice.

Professional associations

Consider joining a professional association. It includes experienced people who have already made a name for themselves in the industry. You can benefit from their experience and any learning opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to non-members. Follow industry news and never shy away from making new contacts and friends.

Final Considerations

Networking is a proven way of building long-term relationships that will prove extremely helpful at a later stage when you start your own business or work for a large company. The time invested in developing such linkages is time well spent because you will enjoy great benefits in the long run.


Mary Herd is an accomplished writer and successful entrepreneur. She has launched several innovative startups and sold them at great margins. Mary enjoys advising college students on the best practices for fostering their business and communication skills. Her insights are usually full and eye-opening insights.

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