Why Mobile Push Notifications Are a Must for Marketers in 2023


Why Mobile Push Notifications Are a Must for Marketers in 2023

September 1, 2020

Looking for sure-fire ways to level up your mobile marketing in 2023? Need to increase your ROI and retention rates without going crazy over it? Why not try mobile push notifications in your marketing this year?

And the great news is that this is a proven tactic that thousands of marketers are implementing globally. With so many benefits these messages can drive, there is no wonder why. 

Let’s cover some of the most common reasons why mobile push notifications are necessary for marketers in 2023. 

1. Push Notifications Can Increase Your Retention Rates 3-10X  

According to the stats posted on MoEngage, implementing push notifications in your marketing strategies can boost your retention rates anywhere from 3 to 10 times. That’s huge! You can’t ignore such an amazing marketing tactic that works so well! 

Imagine how much revenue you are leaving on the table with retention rates that are 3 or 10 times lower than they could be with push alerts. This argument alone is strong enough for you to include pushes in your marketing arsenal this year. 

2. The Subscription Rate of Mobile Push Notifications is 2 Times Higher! 

Here comes another great benefit. Users are more responsive to your inquiry to subscribe if you ask them to do this via mobile push notifications. All good marketers know how vital it is to capture the data of the leads. It allows you to start a sequence of marketing messages that can help you educate your users about your offer, its benefits, use cases, etc. And finally, it enables you to monetize your services or products. 

It’s exciting to note here that push notifications on mobile convert visitors into subscribers 2 times better than desktop pushes. 

3. 70% of Mobile App Users Find Push Notifications Helpful 

This is fantastic. Can you believe this? 70% of mobile app users are excited about getting push notifications. That’s because they think they are useful. It means pushes are a great way of communicating your message. People are more receptive to push alerts. And your marketing message can be perceived better if you use the right words at the right time. 

And don’t forget to deliver value to users. Don’t use push notifications only for sending promo messages. This can turn people off and decrease their loyalty to your brand.

Churn and burn is not a good tactic if you looking for long-term success with your mobile marketing activities. 

4. The Unsubscription Rate Stays Lower than 1% if You Send Not More Than Five Push Notifications Per Day 

This is another cool thing about pushes. People don’t hate them. They are open to receiving them and reading them. As a result, the unsubscription rate for pushes is really low. It doesn’t go over 1% if you don’t overdo it with pushes. Just don’t send more than 5 push notification messages per day. And you are good to go. 

5. Pushes Are a Great Way to Engage Your Target Audience

If you’d like to increase the engagement rate of your mobile app, give push alerts a shot. They can be an excellent way of boosting engagement. However, you need to know how to use them properly. Don’t send too many boring direct promo messages. Well, don’t get us wrong. There is nothing bad about promos. On the other hand, be helpful. Try to give value to your users. This is crucial if you want to foster long-term relationships with them. 

More importantly, timing has a great impact on engagement as well. For example, push notifications sent on Tuesday in the first half of the day tend to perform way better than notifications sent on other days. 

6. 95% of Your Client Acquisition Spend is Wasted Without Push Notifications 

Don’t leave the money on the table. You need to take advantage of pushes to get the most out of your marketing efforts. You spend money on acquiring users. Push notifications can help you get a positive ROI on that acquisition spend. In turn, it will allow you to reinvest some profits into your marketing activities. 

On the other hand, ignoring pushes can cost you up to 95% of your acquisition spend. That’s a lot. 

7. Push Notifications Can Be a Great Tool for Dealing with Cart Abandonment 

This is especially helpful for e-commerce stores. You know how many people can leave their carts just before hitting the Buy button, right? Reactivating these users at the right time with the right messages can significantly increase your profits as an online shop without adding more effort and investing more money in various marketing tactics like PPC, SEO, etc. 

There are many ways how you can do cart abandonment marketing campaigns. Most common is sending emails. However, push notifications can also work well for this purpose. 

So, why not try them in your next marketing campaign to incentivize users to finalize the purchase of products they’ve placed in their carts? 

8. The ROI of Using Push Notifications Correctly Can Be as High as 3500%!

You are doing marketing for the sake of one thing. ROI, right? There are many ways how you can boost your ROI. Meticulously implementing push alerts can be a great way to add to your return on investment numbers and make your campaigns more profitable. 

The key here is to know how to program these notifications and what messages to put in them. 


As you can see, push notifications can be an extremely powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. From boosting the engagement rates and minimizing the acquisition spend to dealing with cart abandonment and increasing your ROI, pushes are a great way to go! 

More and more marketers around the globe acknowledge the power of pushes. Now it’s your turn. Give them a shot and share how they work for you. 


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