Tamoco Smart Visitation Data

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Tamoco Smart Visitation Data

About the visits product

The Tamoco Tamoco Smart Visitation Data uses the vast amount of actively collected location data to understand visits to Points Of Interest (POI). This product combines multiple data points to understand the number, and quality, of visits to a POI.

The visits product provides a visit score as well as extra metadata about the visit and the POI including time, visit duration, POI name, business category, amongst others. A full breakdown of this can be found in the visits structure section of this document.



The Tamoco visit product aims to measure user interactions with points of interest. Our algorithm ascertains if a visit to POI occurs using GPS location data from a mobile device.

This visits methodology contains two main operations: a clustering algorithm and a visit attribution algorithm.



Tamoco generates clusters where data points are proximal in time and space, as we only want to keep user location with a high density of datapoints triggered during a continuous period of time. The algorithm returns a cluster defined by 3 points: the first and the last locations that happened as well as the centroid of the cluster.

At this state, Tamoco is able to determine that a particular device stayed in a unique location for a certain period of time.

In order to transform those clusters into visits, clustered data moves to the second operation, the visit attribution.



Firstly, Tamoco discards clusters related to the user’s home or work location to protect the user’s privacy as well as ensuring that we only generate relevant visit insights.

Secondly, the remaining clusters are attributed to nearby POIs from the Tamoco dataset.

Our dataset is updated on a quarterly basis and improves with each new iteration, as Tamoco includes more accurate opening hours, building boundaries (US only at the moment) and comprehensive store brands and categories.

For a visit to be attributed, its cluster needs to be happening within the POI’s opening hours and its centroid must be inside POI’s polygon.

Lastly, Tamoco estimates the probability of a visit; verifying that a given user actually visited the POI attributed to its cluster. In order to estimate it, Tamoco considers:

  • the distance between the cluster centroid and the POI center,
    the POI quality score, that represents the level of confidence we have for a POI location and its information.
  • the number of potential overlapping POIs nearby.
  • the probability that a visit occurs based on the POI business category (for example on a Friday evening if we have a visit overlapping between a bar and a cafe, we should not assign the same weight for both).


Fields used when measuring visits

These are the fields that are used to calculate visits. Each term has a detailed description.

visit_idThe unique identifier of the visit
device_idThe unique identifier of the device
visit_startThe first timestamp of the visit’s cluster 
visit_endThe last timestamp of the visit’s cluster
durationThe duration of the visit
timezoneThe timezone of the device
local_hourThe local hour based on the first timestamp of the visit’s cluster
local_dateThe local date based on the first timestamp of the visit’s cluster
poi_idA universal identifier for a POI
poi_nameThe name of the POI
poi_latThe latitude coordinate of the POI center
poi_longThe longitude coordinate of the POI center 
poi_met_areaThe met area of the POI
poi_street_addressThe street address of the POI
poi_regionThe state of the POI
poi_brandThe name of the brand related to the POI
poi_ownerThe corporation that owns the POI
poi_stock_symbolThe primary stock symbol of the company
poi_stock_exchangeThe stock exchange the company is listed on
poi_LEIThe LEI associated to the POI
naics_codeThe NAICS code related  to the POI
poi_categoryThe name of the category related to the POI
poi_subcategoryThe name of the sub-category related to the POI
visit_scoreThe visit confidence level determined by Tamoco


POI selector

You can use the following dashboard to understand POI availability by brand, category or region where Tamoco’s smart visitation dashboard is available.

Click here to access the dashboard.


Tamoco is now part of pass_by

Some select assets of tamoco have been acquired by pass_by, a leader in the geospatial world, in a commitment to redefining standards through AI-driven intelligence and ground truth verification.

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