The Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For At DMEXCO 2019


The Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For At DMEXCO 2019

September 10, 2018

Europe’s largest digital marketing conference begins this week. Around 40,000 brand innovators, ad tech masters, digital marketers and everything in-between will convene in Cologne for DMEXCO 2019.

To get ready we will be looking at the key digital marketing trends that will define the conference. 


GDPR is still on the agenda


Whilst the 25th of May seems a long way back, It’s still difficult to avoid this topic at the moment. There’s still a large amount of the digital marketing space that is uncertain about GDPR and what it means for their business.

The industry is beginning to accept the responsibility that comes with the digitalization of the marketing space. Many companies are talking more about transparency and privacy. They have shifted to make these ideals fundamental to their company operations. 

Getting the balance right between privacy and relevant, personal marketing is the challenge. The digital marketing industry needs to win the argument on privacy. To do this it needs to explain the true value that using personal data can provide for the consumer. It must do this whilst developing a trusted relationship with customers regarding data. 

At DMEXCO 2019 expect GDPR to still be front and centre. It will still be the elephant in the room for many talks and sessions. We hope that more discussions on the topic will focus on what the industry has learned.  As well as this we want to see best practices for companies to make the most out of the legislation. 

Personalisation is still what consumers want

Personlization digital marketing

More and more consumers are aware that brands are using their data. After the introduction of GDPR and an increased number of data breaches they expect this data to be used to provide high value, improved and highly personal experiences. 

Consumers want a personalised experience. Brands are moving towards this but there’s still a way to go. Many consumers are still finding a majority of their brand experiences are falling short of the mark. 

At DMEXCO 2019 expect to see personalisation take centre stage. We hope to hear valuable lessons on how leaders are getting it right.

There will still be conversation around the nature of generating data for this purpose. But expect more focus to be on how to use the data more effectively. Look out for discussion on how new data types can be used to create memorable, personalised consumer experiences. 


AI and automation is now everywhere

Automation AI marketing

Consumers are demanding instant responses from the brands that they interact with. The best brands are starting to engage with their customers automatically. These brands have drastically reduced the time between a customer touch point and the desired result. 

The companies that are succeeding in this space are the ones that are experimenting with AI. They are using technology to automate their response to consumers at every point of the consumer journey. 

Treating customers on a one to one basis and providing an omnichannel experience is top of many brands wish list. Some are even getting this right already with the increasing presence of AI, chatbots and other automation tools. 

Technology in this area is advancing extremely quickly. The top brands are learning how to utilize this tech to identify customer needs. It’s being used to process huge amounts of data and turn this into actionable insights. 

Expect there to be many discussions around AI, automation and it’s ability to put the customer at the centre of the brand experience. 


Data is increasingly important to achieve digital marketing goals

Data driven marketing

Many companies are using data effectively in their digital marketing. The relationship between consumer data and consumer needs is more in focus than it has been in previous years. 

The potential of data in digital marketing is huge. Brands realise this but often struggle to maximize this potential. 

To do more with data companies will need to be smarter about how they source their data and be much better at turning the data into actionable insights.

Expect many workshops and talks that look to explain how to use data effectively. Learn about new data sets and how your organization can use these to meet its goals.


These are the main digital marketing trends that will be aired at the conference. Digital marketing in 2019 seems to be focusing on how to get the right balance between privacy and providing true value for the consumer. 

For all your data and personalisation needs, speak to Tamoco. We’ll be DMEXCO and would love to hear your take on the biggest challenges facing digital marketers. 



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