How To Improve Your App Growth Strategy With Location Data


How To Improve Your App Growth Strategy With Location Data

October 26, 2017

By 2020 it’s predicted that there will be over 5 million apps in the world. To compete with this number of apps you’re going to need to have a well-planned app strategy to keep your current users happy and find new ones.

If it’s your job to ensure that your app is growing its user base and engagement rates, you might be overlooking a useful tool.

Location data can help with many app challenges facing developers. Using location intelligence you can improve your app engagement strategy, fine tune your app marketing, find new app users and develop your app monetization strategy.

What is location data?

Location data is simply data that provides insights around audience movement. 

This means that users who opt-in to location sharing, receive an improved (or personalized) experience in return. This data has been used for ad targeting in the past, but its application in mobile apps is relevant for developers as it helps improve mobile app experience, and boosts mobile app growth.


Onboarding, user acquisition and app marketing

Your app marketing strategy can benefit hugely from location intelligence. When finding and acquiring new users it’s important to understand your current users as well as possible. This helps you to understand the type of user that will get the most from your app.

Location insights form your app can help you to understand how your users behave in the real world. These insights are valuable when creating an effective user acquisition plan. Using location intelligence you can understand patterns in user behaviour which can help you to fine-tune your app marketing strategy.

It’s essentially understanding your users and identifying traits that group them together. But using location data these insights are more profound.

You can use this data to decide where is best to spend your marketing budget. If you can see that your current users spend a lot of their time in cafes. Then it would make sense to focus your app user acquisition strategy on users in similar locations.

You can add location intelligence to your current paid advertising, be it PPC, social advertising or web adverts. By ensuring that only users that are likely to download and enjoy your app are targeted, you’ll get a better result, and you’ll save money.



Your app engagement strategy is fundamental to the success and growth of your mobile app. Learning how to engage your mobile users is part of every developer’s journey – but this can be boosted with location insights.

At the heart of every mobile app engagement strategy lies push notifications. In-app engagement requires communication with your users. But, be very careful. It can be easy to focus only on app engagement metrics and overdo push frequency. This will only serve to annoy your users, and your app engagement strategy will suffer.

Best push notification practices include location. It’s all about communicating with your users in the right micro-moment. Using location this moment can be so accurately defined that your push notifications won’t feel annoying in the slightest.

To increase mobile app engagement you’ll need to define these moments. Using location data you can see in which moments (time and place) your users are most engaged with your app.

From here you can segment notification delivery to users based on where they are. Deliver only in these micro-moments to ensure that your push notification strategy stays relevant.

You’ll see higher engagement rates, your user experience will be improved and they will get more value from your app with location.



There are many app monetization challenges that developers must consider. Of course, every app needs to generate revenue – but your app monetization plan must consider the user experience.

Many developers don’t realise that they are missing out on one of the most effective mobile app monetization strategies – monetizing app data.

Mobiel app audiences generate a lot of data. This data is valuable for many different businesses for a variety of reasons.

There are a few crucial benefits of this kind of app monetization strategy. First of all, you can say goodbye to in-app ads.

You can source location data in the background of the app – meaning that the app user experience is not affected by monetization – as it is in other app monetization strategies. That’s why location data monetization can be the best app monetization strategy in terms of user experience.

Secondly, you’ll get more app revenue per user. Location data CPMs can be up to 4 times higher than traditional monetization strategies.

As well as this, the platform becomes less relevant. If you’re tired of thinking of android app monetization strategies vs iOS monetization? Well, data app monetization is a way to level the playing field. You’ll get a much more consistent income across your audience, regardless of platform.

Of course, you’ll need a reliable partner that is experienced in securing big data. It’s also important to get a partner that can help you explain the process to your users.


How to add location to your mobile app

You can get access to all of these services with the Tamoco SDK It gives you access to location-based push notifications – which help you to improve app engagement.

The SDK will help you to access location insights around your mobile users. It will help you to form an effective mobile app monetization strategy. Or you can utilize the data for the personalization or improve your app experience.

For a demo of what you can do with location get in touch via the form below.

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Grow your app with Tamoco

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