Story Of Data Report – Consumer Trends In The 2018 World Cup


Story Of Data Report – Consumer Trends In The 2018 World Cup

March 27, 2019

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Understanding consumer trends and behaviour during the 2018 World Cup

Download our free report to understand:

  • How footfall traffic changes to different venues during the World Cup
  • Which venues performed well during the tournament
  • On-trade and off-trade patterns
  • Busiest games, times and days of different categories
  • Trends in the behaviour of different demographics such as millennials.
  • How to use these insights to inform marketing and other business decisions

Read the introduction below.

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We wait four years for a world cup to come around. The final is the most watched event in the world. That’s a whole lot of consumer interest – it’s one that businesses need to get right in order to maximise the effect of this once-every-four-year event.

The World Cup consists of 32 nations. IN the UK every game is broadcast on terrestrial TV. Globally around 3.4 billion people watch some part of the tournament. It’s a huge event for a number of industries, but none more than perhaps the beverage industry.

That’s why it’s important to understand consumer behaviour during these monumental global events. Understand how customers move and behave can help business perform well across a number of different functions, from advertising and marketing to insights and planning.

To identify alcohol and consumer trends during the World Cup we analysed visits to over 5000 venues across London during the 3-week tournament.

Our accurate first party data-set combined with our network of precise location sensors provides detailed insights into how consumers behaved during the World Cup. Our visit methodology provides a powerful way to reveal trends and behavioural information around consumers.

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