AI Company Uses Tamoco Data To Predict Consumer Behavior On A National Scale

AI Company Uses Tamoco Data To Predict Consumer Behavior On A National Scale


Using Geospatial data to power ML retail products


London, UK


Retail, SaaS

A predictive intelligence company uses Tamoco’s Geospatial data to build a powerful suite of predictive retail analytics.


The problem:

To create a truly predictive view of consumer behavior, Olvin needed extensive raw geospatial data in the US. This data needed to be regular and accurate and show high coverage across many cities and regions in the US.

Olvin’s platform Almanac leverages the power of AI & machine learning to predict behavior across POI in the US. By using extensive geospatial data, they can train their models and deliver powerful insights to their users.


About Olvin:

Almanac takes a multitude of historical datasets going back over two years and leverages powerful AI to predict consumer behavior. This is accessible in their easy-to-use platform that informs predictive seasonality and identifies trends directly and accurately.


The challenge:

The main challenge for Olvin was to get mobile device data that would power their models and deliver relevant insights. It needed to be:

  • Available at scale
  • Data needed to be anonymized
  • Delivered in real-time to limit the time between delivery, training, and availability of insights in their dashboard


The data:

Tamoco delivered its LaaS (Location as a service) solution. This product takes from a pool of over 200m devices, with a high frequency of daily observations.

Our data is industry-leading in terms of accuracy. We are directly integrated with devices to ensure that the data collected is verifiable and reliable. This dataset also includes relevant metadata to enable filtering or other insights once data is delivered.

This also allows us to process our data quickly – an essential requirement for this project. Fresh data is routinely processed and available for Olvin to pull into training and update its ML models.

In terms of privacy, the data needed to be obfuscated to protect user privacy. It did, however, need to contain a unique ID. Tamoco regularly works with device IDs, and in this case, it provided unique identifiers that do not correspond to existing identifiers.

Tamoco’s Location as a service (LaaS) solution has really changed what we can achieve with geospatial data.

Matt Taaffe – VP of Product – Olvin

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