Clear Channel & Tamoco Using Geospatial Data To Improve OOH Measurement

Clear Channel & Tamoco Using Geospatial Data To Improve OOH Measurement


Clear Channel & Tamoco are redefining OOH advertising with Geospatial data.


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Out Of Home Advertising


The Opportunity:

Consumers are exposed to an abundance of media across all touchpoints in life, so it’s increasingly critical to measure/quantify whether media campaigns positively impact consumers’ perception of the brands and products marketed to them. 

In the past, this was challenging in the offline world of Out-of-Home (OOH) where measurability was unheard of until Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) brought its CCO RADAR suite of mobile location data solutions to market and to the medium in 2016. And with the world starting to return to some semblance of normality, measuring what matters, in the moments that matter, is more important than ever for brands as they connect and engage with consumers on the go. 

Our partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor, and the integration with their CCO RADAR suite of solutions, is leveraging this Geospatial data to better understand the people exposed to their real-world ads, and more importantly, learn what happens after exposure. 



About Clear Channel Outdoor:

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO) is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies with a diverse portfolio of more than 500,000 print and digital displays in 31 countries across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, reaching millions of people monthly. A growing digital platform includes more than 17,000 digital displays in international markets and more than 2,000 digital displays (excluding airports), including more than 1,400 digital billboards, in the U.S.


The challenge:

CCO is in the business of applying their solutions to help their clients plan OOH campaigns with an eye toward understanding and influencing audiences and outcomes.  

Our partnership is helping them achieve this goal. As a leading OOH company focused on innovation by integrating the medium into the greater buying ecosystem, CCO and Tamoco combined to use geospatial data to understand when consumers are exposed to media and which consumers were likely to see a billboard. 

With an increased number of campaigns, a collaborative partnership has enabled refining and stretching the boundaries of how outdoor advertising can be measured.

Ultimately, this partnership allows CCO to communicate to their customers the impact their ads have in driving overall performance, as well as measure brand sentiment and media effectiveness through sharing these audiences with CCO’s media attribution partners. 


The data:

We worked closely with CCO to develop a definition of what type of exposure matters in the world of OOH advertising. This was used to build a contemporary approach to measurement which quantifies the audiences exposed to OOH.

In this methodology, Tamoco’s mobile Geospatial data is attributed to OOH viewsheds (the area around a piece of physical advertising) to understand how and when a consumer physically goes past a billboard.

The process will understand which direction the device is moving and use this information to measure the likelihood of that device seeing the ad. 

This data is then shared with CCO’s attribution partners to measure further how OOH advertising is impacting brand perception.

This partnership has really led to some incredible results. It’s stretching the boundaries of what can be done with physical media. Working with Clear Channel has shown that Geospatial can help businesses solve complex problems and help place themselves at the cutting edge of their respective industries.

Sam Amrani – Founder & Executive Chariman – Tamoco


Our team is focused on helping our clients reach the right audience and achieve their desired measurable outcomes through the power of our Out-of-Home media and retargeting solutions. As we continue to evolve our CCO RADAR suite of solutions to meet the growing needs of our advertisers, we are thrilled to team up with Tamoco to integrate this valuable capability into our solutions.

Dan Levi, CMO, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas


Going forward:

We believe that this partnership has been a great example of how collaboration between media owners and data companies can continue to push the boundaries of redefining how OOH exposure is measured and understood.

We are working on building a longer-term partnership as Clear Channel Outdoor continues going from strength to strength in the post-Covid landscape, and as Tamoco continues to build out how the real world is measured. 

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